Sunday, January 25, 2009

Why Smoke?

A wheelchair bound man told me, not that he wants to smoke, but he has to ensure that his hands are not feeling the emptiness of not holding anything.

I asked his wife if he really mean what he's saying. Her reply was, he used to smoke 2 packets per day but has since cut down to 1 and a half due to price increase and his pension of RM 400 per month is not even enough to sustain himself.

Coming from a family of non-smokers, I really did not understand why people smoke.

But since I knew this man from his bachelor days, I can see that his health is deteriorating. He married my friend after his ex-fiance called off their engagement due to an accident that paralysed him.

Yesterday, she bought another 10 packets of Indonesian cigarette for RM40 for a week's supply. It used to be cheaper before. RM37 only, she said.

That's cheap you said? His monthly supply takes up more than 1/3 of his pension.
His food?
His medication?

My, my, my...
Can anybody clarify to me why people smoke?
Why cigarettes take over food?
Why cigarettes are more valued than health?
Is cigarette really makes a man more outstanding???


Shiloh Prairie Farm said...

I don't know why anyone smokes, my husband does. He started when he was a teenager and now he says it is a habit. I know they are terribly addictive, I am glad I never started!

ipv6 said...

it a bit habit, a bit crawing more or less like the weed,the process that toke place in the brain is identical. what make then 'em differ mere tobacco is legal.