Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Umrah Syawal - The Disappearing Baitullah

I was reading Mr Reme's latest blog.
His mentioning of  orang yang mandikan mayat  reminded me of a 'quote one incident which you will never forget' which we posed to the daughter-in-law of ex-imam Masjidil Haram whose house we visited last week in Mecca for the recent Idilfitri.
"This lady who cleanse corpses as her profession, was able to see Baitullah from inside Masjidil Haram. 
But the object disappeared from her sight when she intended doing her tawaf

She approached the ustaz who accompanied the group of pilgrimers and was asked to repent what she had done wrong.

Repent she did, but the sight of Baitullah disappear from her sight again when she was about to tawaf
This time, the ustaz wanted to personally know what she had done wrong but the ustaz was unable and refuse to help her after knowing her story. 

It was one of those corpse cleansing day when this lady was approached to stuff black magic in one of the corpse's mouth.
Twice she placed the black magic in the mouth, and twice it popped out.
The third time around, she secured the black magic in the mouth by sewing both lips... 

Upon hearing this, the ustaz straight away refused offering any help to her.

GOD will forgive all those even with mountain loads of sin done with sincere repentance.
But GOD will not forgive those who did wrong to another human unless the other human forgive him.

Will this corpse cleansing lady will one day find the corpse which she had sewn both lips and asked the corpse for forgiveness?

The purpose of cleansing is to return to THE CREATOR as he was created.

But this corpse return to THE CREATOR with black magic in tow...