Friday, December 10, 2010

The Other World - Unseen Creatures And Maximising Positive Energy

Mr Lee of Canada commented,  
"... experiences with uncomfortable night visions, noises, whatever.
As well a relatives house with similar incidences.
Had to call the temple monks to say prayers etc to cleanse the house.
Incidentally it is now the law here when selling a house, you have to mention whether it's 'clean'....meaning no ghosts or whatever.
We had a friend's house here, and his basement would have very often some unearthly visions...
apparently we suspect its his hobby of collecting certain very old artifacts, as well wood carvings.
And it is believed certain spirits were disturbed being brought to Canada. "
Angklung Source: Bandung Visit

Scene One: 
My Mother was surprised that the angklung, a bamboo musical instrument which I bought at Tangkuban Perahu, some 30km away from Bandung, stay put at its place for many years.

She told me of people she knew that in their houses, the musical instrument would move from side to side by itself, thus causes repetition of notes being played.


Scene Two:
The cluster of bamboo trees behind my house when I was staying in Geylang, was the resident of 'a lady' who used to look into open windows of my house.

It was already night time when I thought it was My Mother waiting for me on a small bridge, some 50 metres away.
I hurried my pace to her, and she, with two hands on her back, walked ahead without looking back.

I was surprised when My Mother did not turn to the house, instead walked straight to the extreme corner of the house, leading to a small alley.
I followed my 'unusual-self mother', but stopped when reaching a small alley at the end of the house.

I saw her walked straight to the cluster of bamboo trees and entered her 'house'.

I was surprised at seeing her, although it was only her back.
But I was told that she showed herself only to men.


Scene Three:
A group of four year old nursery children crowded at the glass window to have a look at 'a group of Japanese soldiers' coming out of forested area nearby a mosque in the northern part of Singapore.
The children were talking among themselves of what they were seeing.

The teacher joined them, but could not see anything.
The next day, the same thing happened, and the teacher called a few teaching staff to confirm with their eyes, but they too, could not see anything.
It happened for a few days before parents were told of the few days 'rare' incidents happened for 'only children's viewing'
None reported of their children being 'disturbed' by what they saw.

Were those Japanese soldiers the same imaginary friends that children used to have?
Imaginary friends, GOD willing, will be an entry of itself.


Scene Four:
It was about the same time that My Husband would occasionally give a hand to His close friend delivering hampers and gifts, especially during year-end and festive seasons.
He would sometimes brought home the undelivered or to be delivered early morning the next day, goods and flower arrangements for opening ceremonies and occasions too.

My neighbours, upon seeing the many flowers' arrangement placed at the front porch, would relate stories of so and so, had their purchase of flowers decorated on tree trunks and stumps, being thrown away after sobbings and weepings were heard coming from the the flower decorations being decorated on real cuts of stumps and tree trunks.

Although no unfavourable happenings took place, but I've seen a number of such beautiful flower decorations 'staring' at me.


Scene Five:
I was in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, when, upon entering one of its antique shop selling furnitures, a strong negative energy enveloped the atmosphere, despite the shop being frequented by antique and furniture hunters.

I did not move further exploring the shop when what others saw, was one intricately crafted antique bed made of teak-wood, but I visualised a human being 'laid resting' on it.

So, the unearthy vision that Mr Lee experienced, related well with my experience in the antique shop.


The Prophet s.a.w. said:
"Wearing silk and gold is permitted for the women of my ummah and prohibited for the males." 
- Reported by Imam Ahmad.

Yes, gold jewellery is for women, for adornment, not for consumption and tableware.

Although gold is strictly forbidden for men, The Prophet s.a.w. however, permitted men to wear silver rings.

Al-Bukhari r.a. reported Ibn 'Umar r.a. saying,
"The Messenger of ALLAH s.w.t. wore a silver ring. 
After him, Abu Bakr and then `Umar and `Uthman wore it, 
until it fell off his finger into the well of Arees." 
- Reported by AlBukhari.

Gold is for women, and so is silk, for women too.
I've always encouraged women with heart disease, any kinds of heart disease, to put on silk clothing.
The worm, being nature gift to us human, in the clothing, is therapeutic.

Silk is not for healthy men.
But The Prophet s.a.w. made concessions in the wearing of silken garments on men for medical reasons.
He gave `Abdur Rahman bin `Awf and AzZubayr bin Al`Awwam, both of whom suffered from scabies, permission to wear silk, as reported by AlBukhari.

Gold, silver and silk, naming the above, and things we wear and things around us, believe me, are with its own unique energy.
It has effect on our daily chores.
All I could state here, what we see as merely motionless objects to our naked eyes, do play their specific role in conforming to the Law of Attraction by their energies in them, dispersed to us, human beings.

Didn't The Prophet s.a.w. said, as reported by AlBukari,
"It is better to sit alone than in the company with the bad; and it is better to sit with the good than alone."
It is better to speak to a seeker of knowledge than to remain silent; but silence is better than idle words."

Yes, our daily words usage, people we are with, and the environment we live in, all contributed to the fulfillment and rejection of our wish.

So old artifacts collected over time, had its unused negative energy accumulated, could transform into 'illusionary vision' that could give goose pimples to some.

But untapped positive energy once released, will impact some people of their mind, body, soul and health too.

Wood carvings mentioned by Mr Lee, GOD willing, will be in the next post, around next week, after returning from Batam.
Insufficient time to share it here what's in my mind!


Al-Manar said...

I wonder what special assignment you have in Batam. We may see a special posting on this.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Ummie, If there's one thing I avoid buying is wooden carvings. Or earthen antiques.
I have experienced several unusual incidences to make me think twice buying any.

Very interesting posting about your experiences. Bet it had you worried too.
As well I was in the construction, logging etc business and going into deep jungles...we never call each other's names, mostly 'oi'!
Reason being of tree spirits. Not keen they learn our names.
And loggers will always hold special prayers and offerings prior starting any logging.

As well, we avoid relieving ourselves beside big trees too, just in case.....

I had an auntie who had a beautiful wooden carving of a woman, bought in a SEA country. And few nights after it arrived by special delivery, she would here a female voice pleading, 'tolong....tolong'.
She and hubby searched for where the voice coming from, but drew a blank.

Then a temple monk told them it was something in her house she recently brought home.
She sent it back to where she had bought it. No more voices at nights.

By the way, would really like you drop the 'Mr' in front of my name. Just 'Lee' will be fine with me, *wink*.
Have a pleasant weekend, Lee.

Ummie said...

Mr AManar,
To give, to share, to hoard, to part, it's all upon us - not the amount, but the sincerity that counts.

My going to Batam is partly holiday and partly the follow up of my presence there few days before performing my Umrah Syawal.

I follow my instinct in volunteering - More of providing raw material for a person to make a rod to fish.

Even though it's just a small effort, knowing one had overcome frequent faint, having daily income, even putting a smile in an elderly person...
That's more than enough reason for me to embark.

Not only Batam, around my place too, if citizenship is not the main concern, but the sincerity.


Mr Lee,
I respect you of your seniority.

But above all, I respect you of having vast life experience, knowledge & wisdom of life that I'm not able to drop the initial Mr.

Touch wood, some would say, but the wood story will never end.

Now, talking about it, it reminds me of a time when I approached a teacher, advising her against using a wooden horse in complementing her dance theme...

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