Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Other World - Self-Bred Poltergeist

An unrelated article about current issue with the word poltergeist splashed here and there, sure has the word poltergeist embedded in my mind, and the evil creature, as if physically appeared in front of my eyes.

Poltergeist or ghost, although they are different to some of us ( as ghost's presence in the surrounding is known to be haunting, poltergeist's presence is with its obvious disturbance and nuisance ), they are to me, all the same evil creatures.

Recently, during 'Aidilfitri, a friend received a call from her tenant, wanting her to do 'really something workable' to the house which she rented out to the newly married couple - the bathroom was always wet, as though it had just been used, although the couple were out working the whole day.
Even when the couple were around the house, taps would turn on by itself, blasting out water.

My friend was really lost for idea, having called knowledgeable men to cleanse the house and its area.
For a while, these evil creatures would make peace with them, then when their minds were to be at peace, these evil creatures started their antique characters again.
My friend had stayed briefly in their newly made house which they bought, before her in-laws asked them to stay in another house of theirs, which is just a few doors away from them.

The family had nothing of unpleasant incident about their house which they briefly stayed in.
So, her husband called up the family who moved in not long after they vacated their house in Kota Masai for their experience and opinion.

The family had stayed in the house in Kota Masai since newly married until with few kids and now had stayed in the house that they finally bought.
To the first tenant, they felt the same disturbance intially, but with regular prayers and not showing their fright to the evil creature who wanted to show their authority, they managed to 'chase' them away with regular Qur'an recitations and try to keep indoor when nights fall.

How was my friend going to tell the couple to turn to faith?
Was it a real ghost or poltergeist or... demons in them?

Believe me, some people, with too many negative thoughts in their mind and their hearts, evil creatures or evil spirits are bound to be easily attracted to them.
A person with high anxiety, highly confused, easily angry, always living in great fear and having great doubts about others, all their negative form of mental energy contributes greatly to these evil energies combined together, triggered the character of its main role player, by the 'unseen creatures' living among us, and they always wanted to be part of us and having us following their says.
Our characters and lifestyle, at times, without we realise, had them, these 'unseen creatures' bred in us, that cause our health and led them to inflict diseases in us, too.

I had seen of a family's mental health case with two characters:
The mother, whenever she was severely stressed, ( always caused by the husband's infidelity with numerous flingings with girls across the island ), was pleased to see me around, without realising that she was pouring her heart out.
During her calm days, her husband's infidelity was secretly guarded.

But the couple's only son, a lecturer, whose mental health had caused his job and his marriage, despise me being around whenever he was down with his unreleased tension and frustration.
He would warn people around him of my existence although his usual self is a pleasant, soft-spoken and one knowledgeable man.

For the family, surrendering the mother and son to the mental institution is the only solution, as the mother would unknowingly shamed the father in front their five children, and the father had never deny what the mother said.
She knew what he did with all those girls from across the island, the socks were his favourite place of hiding his money, and how much had he stolen from her.
In reality, during her sober period, she did not even know where her husband was, at such period of time.

The son, with mounting unspoken and unreleased tension and frustrations, could transform such pent-up feelings to huge energy as not only could carry a motorcycle, but even a car, to throw them into rivers and seas.


A cousin, who is in charge of the then newly built teachers' quarters in Pahang, had to be the first tenant to move into the walk up flat.
Again and again, he would knock at his ceiling with long poles, whenever there were pulling, pushing or screeching sound made by these unseen creatures, as though they had just moved into the empty upper floor houses and were arranging furnitures.
He would command them to stop acting foolish, as he is not the person to be fooled around.
Obey they did, and now the flat were all occupied with no 'moving in' of the unseen creatures again.

Then, even engines of the cars of those new tenants who had just moved in, were purposely started by them.

My cousin, even in the wee hours, had to shout and command them to stop their prank, which they all did.


Al-Manar said...

You are knowleagable on this subject and have a lot of real incidents to relate. It is a possible theme for a book.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Ummie, wow! Thats real scary! I have heard, as well had experiences with uncomfortable night visions, noises, whatever.
As well a relatives house with similar incidences.
Had to call the temple monks to say prayers etc to cleanse the house.

Incidentally it is now the law here when selling a house, you have to mention whether it's 'clean'....meaning no ghosts or whatever.

We had a friend's house here, and his basement would have very often some unearthly visions....
apparently we suspect its his hobby of collecting certain very old artifacts, as well wood carvings.
And it is believed certain spirits were disturbed being brought to Canada.

Very interesting post, have a nice day, Lee.

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