Monday, June 22, 2009

Welcome Back

How time flies.

It was almost 5 months ago that I last made my posting. I thought I could squeeze my time to blog but I was wrong.

Preparation for my Daughter's wedding occupied my mind that I just could not focus on this blog. Even the network-biz that I do is put on hold.

Now that everything is back to normal, I'm trying to reconnect myself to the norm.

Last Wednesday, I went to Woodlands Point, Singapore, to adjust myself back to the networking world.
I was at a seminar in Hotel Selesa, Johore Bahru, with my prospect 2 days ago, on Saturday evening and was in Singapore again yesterday with my biz-partners at Orchid Country Club.

I warmed up myself with laptop by catching up with reading, saving and deleting the hundreds of untouched mails.
Although I'm zero about the terms and guides used in internet marketing, but that world really fascinates me. I can for-see the vast opportunity lying ahead. If anyone could volunteer his / her time and effort in showing me the path, I would definitely appreciate it.

It took me quite sometime to access to my account. I've completely forgotten how to do it after a very long break. I hope there'll be no more break even as the holy month of Rejab is approaching, followed by the busy fasting month of Ramadhan.

I've harboured this desire for a very long time: That I can spend the whole Ramadhan in Mecca. I have this faith that this prayer will be answered very,very soon.

Amiin Ya Rabbal 'Aalamiin...