Sunday, January 31, 2010

Co-Incidence Knocked 3 Times

This, maybe an old issue - Year 2008. But I had just found out about it yesterday through random reading of the 'Next Blog'.
I do not know where this had headed to but it really stirred my interest - Just sharing with you out there my curiosity.

Kek Coklat
- (by Natasha Hudson)

Saya mahu satu kehidupan
Kamu mahu sesuatu yang lain
Kita tidak dapat makan cek coklat
Jadi kita makan sesama sendiri

So a Natasha Hudson had write a poem. A gifted girl she is. Why not? She has everything which I don't at her age, 25 years old then.
A beautiful girl of Malay-Indonesian and Australian parentage, she's a brainer (degree holder in Graphics and Advertising from the University of Chicago) and multi talented - A model, an actress ('Chermin' is a tv slot I remembered). She had produced 2 poetry books at one go, one of it is 'Puisi Indah Si Pari-Pari'  on Friday 15th June 2007.   

When readers of her children's poetry book found out that one of her work is a direct translation of an English poetry, she defended herself stated that she had not heard of such writer.  link

- (by Roger McGough)

I wanted one life
You wanted another
We couldn't have our cake
So we ate each other 
Alas, other readers found out not one, but two others' poetry had been plagiarised  by her. Her books were immediately withdrawn from bookshelves.

Si Kura-Kura Kecil
- (by Natasha Hudson)

Ada seekor kura-kura kecil
tinggal di dalam kotak
berenang di tepi tasik
memanjat di atas batu

dia cuba menggigit nyamuk
dia cuba menggigit kutu

dia cuba menggigit berudu
dia cuba menggigit aku

dia berjaya menangkap  nyamuk
dia berjaya menangkap kutu

dia berjaya menangkap berudu
tetapi dia tidak berjaya menangkap aku 

I Have a Little Turtle
- (by Nicholas Vachel Lindsay)

There was a little turtle.
He lived in a box.
He swam in the puddle.
He climbed on the rocks.

He snapped at a mosquito.
He snapped at a flee.
He snapped at a minnow.
And he snapped at me.

He caught the mosquito.
He caught the flee.
He caught the minnow.
But he didn't catch me.

Mentega kuning, jelly ungu, jam merah, roti hitam
- (by Natasha Hudson)

Mentega kuning, jellu ungu, jam merah, roti hitam
ratakan tebal
katakan cepat

ratakan tebal
katakan cepat

sekarang ulang
sambil kamu makan

sekarang ulang
sambil kamu makan

janganlah bercakap
bila mulut kamu penuh 

Things We Like To Eat
- (by Mary Ann Hoberman)

Yellow butter, purple jelly, red jam, black bread.
Spread it thick,
Say it quick.

Yellow butter, purple jelly, red jam, black bread.
Spread it thicker,
Say it quicker.

Yellow butter, purple jelly, red jam, black bread.  
Now repeat it, 
While you eat it.

Yellow butter, purple jelly, red jam, black bread.
Don't talk
With your mouth full!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Plastic Love

Shanghai - A Chinese woman is so keen to win back her ex-boyfriend that she plans to undergo plastic surgery to transform herself into his favourite actress: Hollywood star Jessica Alba.

The 21 year old who identify herself as Xiaoqing, told the Shanghai Daily that she had met with doctors at a plastic surgery clinic in the eastern Chinese city who offered to do the work for free.

'I have made my decision,' the newspaper quoted her as saying. 'I, not only doing it for my ex-boyfriend, but for myself. I am a psychologically weak person. I want to do something to challenge myself and built a strong personality through it.'

Liu Qi, an official at the Shanghai Time Plastic Surgery Hospital, said the woman would need eyebrow lifting, eyelid reshaping and nose reconstruction to look like Alba, the star of 'Sin City' and 'Fantastic Four'. There's no worry about the expense and its technically practicable, Dr Liu was quoted as saying. 'But the facelift is irreversible and we hope that she would take it seriously.' Clinic officials confirmed the woman's story, but would not say when or if the surgery would go ahead.

The woman, who works for a web firm, described to the newspaper how her Alba obsessed 28-year-old ex-boyfriend hung photos of the actress on his walls and stored her image on his mobile phone. The man demanded Ms Xiaoqing do her make-up as Alba does, even when she slept, and gave her a blonde wig for Christmas, which he asked her to wear all the time.

She told the newspaper they broke up last month when she threw her wig and fake eyelashes to the ground after passes-by laughed at her. But afterwards, she said she reconsidered. 'I love him very much.... That's why I always followed his opinions. I don'y want to lose him,' the newspaper quoted her as saying. - AFP

Dear readers,
There's a lot of questions racing into my mind as I read this article in today's Straits Times.
- Who and where are this girl's parents?
- How do both parents feel knowing the drastic action that's going to be taken by their daughter?
- All mothers deliver to beautiful babies. They grow up as the most beautiful daughters or the most handsome sons. Her mother?
- Her state of mind - 'Psychologically weak'. Will the process of undergoing the knives thus 'built her strong personality'?
- The surgery will be at no expense incurred. Post surgery free of charge too?
- At 21, there's already so many demand to be fulfilled by her. 10 years down the road? 20? 30?
- The 28-year-old boyfriend is not living in a real world - Yes, I say it - Serious relationship will bring to marriage, family, kids and old age. How's the man going to accept the transition if he cannot accept the girl as she is right now.
- Passers-by already see her as weird. Isn't the boyfriend the most weirdest ?
- Stars in the sky don't glitter every night. If Jessica Alba is throw in the towel, will her boyfriend feeling towards her still glitters?
- I hope the article is not true or the girl has been advised not worth the pain to undergo plastic surgery. - He's only obsessed to Jessica Alba and obsession is hallucination. 


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Children Story - Dad, Love My Mum, Then Me

Dad, spend some Time with Me
Dad, You have Responsibility on Me.

Your Role as the Head of This Household
Your Role on the Family You Mould.

Parents are Two Persons I Know
My friend has one, it's a blow
Tough on his mum to lead life,
Dad, Love My Mum, Your Wife.

I Need You and Mum to Commit it
Do Built and Protect the Family Unit.
Accept the challenge, Keep the Bonding Alive
Rekindle the Flames, Bring Back Its Life.

Complete The Family, Dad
Answer Me, Dad
Don't leave My Mum alone, Dad
Be The Backbone, Dad.

Why Your Marriage Vows hard to keep?
Aren't We The Ideal Family that You Need?

You, and The Family, are all looser
When The Real Father-Figure is not here.

To Marry, to separate
Your Children suffer in their grades

In the crumbled Family that We hate
Dad, Cement Family Ties before it's too late.

Dad, Love Your Children's Mother
Dad, Be The Courageous Father.
Dad, Your Responsibility not on Mum's shoulder
Dad, Your silence is as loud as thunder.

Thank You Mum, for Your Untiring Effort

Thank You Dad, for The Plea not heard

Both Mum and Dad are Needed
For Community to be Strongly Bonded. 

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Green Effect

I could not agree more when I came across an articles stated that people who live close to greenery are happier and... healthier.

City dwellers who live near parks and greenery enjoy better healths and fewer bouts of depression than those living in enclaves of concrete and asphalt.
- My kampung living in town is what I treasured most.

A dense concentration of trees, shrubs and flowers close to homes had the greatest impact
- The greatest joy in me at the very moment is the sweet smell of guava fruits engulfing my girl's room - The tree is just next to her window.

In urban zones where 90% of the area was devoted to green space, incidence of anxiety disorder or depression was 18% / 1000.
In contrast, in zones where there was only 10% of greenery, the incidence was 26% / 1000.
A difference of 44%
- Frankly, I can sit at the living room all day - Push aside the window curtains and there you are... Bougainvilla and petai belalang tree on the left window and palm tree with line of potted cactus and spiky plants on the right window.

The annual rate of more than a dozen disease clusters - including cardiovascular, respiratory, neurological, digestive and mental disorders are also lower 
- I start my mornings with daily greeting the sun - Each day I attend to one side of the house exterior. The morning sun with its vitamin D do great wonders to me.

The sound of sweeping crisp, dried and fallen leaves, oh... untapped rhythmic melody.

Down comes the rain, the most enjoyable moment to touch up the greens. I'll be lost in the rain.

The health boosting impact of plant life was most apparent in people who spent a lot of time in their flora-fauna neighbourhoods 
 - The first time I hear birds chirping away,
Oh... The 2 cherry trees beside my room had attracted them to my place.

When children keep asking for fishes I placed in the tank to water plants outside my boy's window,
Oh my God, the fishes keep producing more and more babies - The more the children ask, all the more smaller fishes swimming around.

When the juice of coconut fruits are used to quench thirst of neighbours and others, and being used to ward off fever
- Thank God I pass the goodness around.

But when chicken and cats are also attracted to your house, that's when more thorny and spiky greens need to be around.  

Monday, January 18, 2010

Year 2010 - Earthquakes In Tow?

The year 2010, I was told, is to be associated with many catastrophic earthquakes.

I thought I heard it all wrong. 2010 is more likely to be linked with fire - My assumption.
Now - My honour to those well read seniors.

Around 3 million Haitians are affected with the 7 megatude Tuesday earthquake and 300,000 Haitians are made homeless. Estimation of 200,000 lives snapped. 

In emergency situation as this, the first 24 hours is the most critical moment - compromising the survivors' lives and health, wondering and living among the stench decomposing bodies in threes and fours that littered every streets - That will create mass health disaster - Infections and epidemics.

The nearest hospital had been crushed flat.

Escalation of major health problem and outbreak of diseases need immediate address.

After 5 days, I found myself still glued to the alternative news channels of AlJazeera, BBC, CCTV and CNA beside the local CNA.  

Scene of real survivors thirsty and hungry - Although provision of water had been distributed, the source of life did not reach everybody.
Immediate assistance needs extension. Although thousands had been provided with makeshift tents, many are still walking around searching for sustenance, hygiene and their loved ones.
The aftermath is similar to tsunami - Nobody ask anybody how they are moving on with life.

No ambulance in service.
Thousands of wounded are still waiting for surgery, treatment and medicine. There's doctors and nurses - Yet getting the aid to the people is the real challenge. Emergency health care is late.
The Port Au Prince Airport has only one runway.  International bodies are coordinating the airport. Some aids had to be circling midair 2 to 3 hours before landing and some aeroplanes had to be turned away.   

After 5 days of injury with no access to doctors is a challenge too.
International Red Cross had provided mobile hospital.    

After 40,000 out of 50,000 bodies found had been buried in mass grave.
The urgency to bury them, to let the living move on, ruled out that decency those dead bodies deserved.
Almost all bodies that were collected were within reach. Officials are struggling to deal with another more than 10,000 recovered dead bodies. Some were disposed at outskirt rubbish dump - The rest burnt.
Immediate families were unable to get the right information. 

Stories of hope -
A 5 year old boy was rescued alive after 3 days.

A toddler was asking for his mummy - No where to be found.
He was shielded by his father's dead body.
His rescue raised hope for more findings. 

Digging continued in retrieving human lives as faint voices could be heard amidst rubble.

"God, I'm dying." A woman under rubble was talking to God.

An 11 year old girl, scared to be under rubble only 10 feet away from rescuers was given water and anesthetic. The rescuers were contemplating to cut her right leg which had been trapped under concrete.

Search dogs continued sniffing scent of survivors.  Jackhammer was carefully used as time is running out for people trapped -After 4 days, miraculous survivors living under rubble is possible - God is everywhere watching His mortals. 

The destruction is likened to the end of war. Chunks of concrete everywhere. Those survived cannot live in their own homes - Fearing for another unpredictable quake. Thousands of people are found everywhere - trapped to living on the streets - Trying to steer away from buildings.

The weak and compromising infrastructures need fast effort in rebuilding. Roads need clearance. Reconstruction of Haiti and its development plan for those living has to take off soon. Very clear economic plan with the kind of development needed has to be in store.

Haiti had barely recovered from hurricane and this devastating earthquake is the worst natural disaster ever confronted by United Nations - They had never seen anything similar as these.

Average Haitians sustain their lives on US$2 daily. Faced with this mega scale calamities, worldwide assistance is much needed.
United Nations had appealed for fund and countries worldwide had responded with more than US$500 million contributions - More are needed to extend immediate assistance supporting the aid to 3 million Haitians.
8,000 of them are fed daily since the Tuesday disaster. The number that will be fed will increase to 1 million and more in 2 weeks time.
Fund had to be closely monitored in order for the aid to be properly channeled. It's the world's largest humanitarian  network ever engaged.
UN chief in Haiti was found to be dead among the 200,000 deaths - As the other 100 UN peacekeeping force officials who gave their lives away.
Bodies of 8 Chinese UN peacekeepers had been found under the rubble of UN building.

The fight for survival in Haiti can mean all man to himself. Not all drop-off supply managed to get through and in this chaotic situation, they are angry with the slow pace. Struggle for food, struggle for water and struggle for survival.   

With this regard, some daring people found looting for survival. The largest supermarket was looted of food and water. With little or no aid within reach, they do what they need to do.
Residence with no expertise or equipments, struggle for basic supplies. Even if aid is a little too late at the moment, it's better late than never at all.

It was reported that some a thousand men or so armed with stones, knives and hammers were seen. Officials hope and pray that its not the scene of riot although some UN doctors and medical personnel  were recalled, ordered to leave for safety reason. They left, brought with them medical supplies.
A doctor who stayed back had little to work with.  

In the meantime, massive aids are straddling at the airport.
Haiti, with 43% of its population 18 years and younger, will face another obstacle - The young will be more affected psychologically when they are away from their family members. Restoring family links is vital. They are told to pull together - Neighbours and families and friends. Volunteers help them to help themselves.

19,000 of Haitians are known to suffer from HIV / AIDS - Another major obstacle.

Friday, January 15, 2010


Envy - Looking with malice
Humans around the world practice
That have deadly impact on societies.

To be envious, akin to spread poison in blood veins
Resenting others, terrible temptation that reigns
Mankind sinned, satan to be blamed?

Feeling that have been around for centuries
Resentment, jealousy, discomfort list
Hate what good, others have, for self-pleased.

Adam and Eve driven out of heaven
Habil killed of envy driven
First death on earth was written.

From envy arises hatred
Joy was too soon celebrated
Alive in the world, vice of lust that's much appreciated.

Envious spirit wondered in waste land
Schadenfreude feeling celebrated so grand
Pleasure hurting thy enemy, thy friend.

Being envious is natural feeling
The joy is irritating
Scholars continue studying why wise men are sinning.

Envy makes the world go round?
With bitter resentment all around?
Beat the ill-feeling, sink them aground.

Wise to compete with rival?
High standard maintained for survival?
Flaunting and boasting too, with the shovel?   

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Your Children My Children, Too

Ai Lian was surprised to see me at her door. She did warn me of her friendly dog but I thought, better to face a friendly dog than a biting dog.

As I sat inside her home salon, drink was served by an Indonesian.

"Eh, since when you have a maid?" I asked, knowing she's one fussy, meticulous lady boss who expects perfection.
"No lah. My friend one. Eh, pity my friend. She just got baby. That's why she needs maid look after baby. Now ah, baby she send people house." Ai Lian explained with full excitement.

"Good life you, Ai Lian. She paid so much money for her maid to stay here." I teased her.
"Eh Ummie you come here I show you." I followed her to the kitchen. The maid was eating fried rice.

"Makan bu," I nodded to the maid. Ai Lian shoved me a spoonful of rice. I threw out the mouthful.
"Tapi saya sering makan seperti ini." Yes, I think the maid can eat salt too.
"You ah, high blood I don't know ah..."
"Yes Maam." The maid answered to Ai Lian. Another hen and duck talk in the maid's world.

"My friend still confinement leh. She cry, cry. Everyday cry. I no choice say I want train the maid. Now she half ok lor! But if this maid stay here very long ah, I think I got high blood first."

"Ai Lian, I have trust in you. You can do it. I know this's not the first time you help others with their maid." I've known her house was sometime used as a temporary lodging for maids when their employers are away or in contemplation period. 

"Ok thank you, thank you. But you do me one favour this time. Must can ah. You know lah. My Malay neighbour the children every night sit downstairs leh."
"Mother knows about it?" I was curious to know.
"That's why lah. Mother night shift. I don't know father ah. Children small, small 13, 16 got boyfriends. I sayang them but they don't know sayang or not." Her motherly instinct speaks up.

"You talk or somebody talk also can ah. Tell them, night time stay home study also can, watch tv also can. I 'pai sie' lah see what they do downstairs with boyfriends. Wait got baby ah, choy..." Ai Lian did not finish her words.
"Ok I'll see about it."
"Sure ah!!!" She needs surety.

I did not say anything. I wasn't sure of myself. They are Malays but children to the eyes of Chinese neighbour. They are all Singaporeans, afterall.      

Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Taxi Story - Shameful Concern

"You need me to pass by Geylang bazaar?"
"Is that way faster?"
"Definitely not at all. Since this's the fasting month, Malays like at least to pass there."
"Oh not me then. I'd prefer less crowded place anytime."
"Every Ramadhan I'll try to avoid Geylang."

"But why? That's the best place to find passengers." I was surprised with the taxi driver's statement whom I'll call James.
This incident happened a few years ago but it's fresh in my mind

"You don't mind I talk about religion?" James was cautious with his words.
"Go ahead. Speak your heart out."
"I'll call you sis, ok?"
"Fine." I had to assure James again.

"Sis, I don't like to see Malays eating openly without any shame at Geylang. Especially those sellers..." James lost his words out of frustration.
"You are a Muslim?" I asked him as he went quiet.
"No. I'm a Christian."
"Thanks for showing concern towards another religion. A very lucky me to know I'm not alone avoiding Geylang for the same reason." I had to lift his spirit.

"Sis, we believe the same prophets."
You believe in Muhammad too?"
"My religion stops at your Isa. You know, even if not fasting month, I don't like to go Block 1."
"That's the market. A lot of people down there. The best port for taxis." I was fishing out for his reaction.
"You see old, old Malay men drink, gamble. The Chinese towkay make their money."

"You don't like the Malays or the Chinese?" Now, I'm lost for words. Feeling ashamed of my own race.

"I don't like their bad characters. Sis, I see you like to go to the mosque."
"Me?" I was surprised with the remarks by James. 
"You came out from the mosque at Admiralty right?"
"Oh, I often dropped by there to see old friends. They gave me porridge for my mother so I've to send to her."

"Sorry if I've offended you with my words.'' James was apologetic.
"Not at all. In fact you are the second Christian to knock sense in me."
"Is that so?" He was elated.

"I'm honest with you. This famous in Marsiling Dr Tong's words still ringing in my ears. He scolded me for not showing my gratitude toward's Allah's gift. He said for the past 30 years I had forgotten to say thank You to Allah for lending me problem free ears. Just a drop of water went into my ear and I started to panic. Allah is reminding me, he said."
That's my first and last visit to Dr Tong.

From then on, I understood why I was the 77th patient on that particular day - Dr Tong treat patients as his own children and he peppered 'advice' from his sincere heart.

"A very fatherly man I think. Sis, we are in Bedok now. The block?"
"Yes, this is."
"Hope to meet you again any time sooner. There's many more things we can share."
"Sure. Thanks." I thanked James as he discounted my fare, and for showing his care towards my race and  my religion.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2010 Sailed In

It's already the 5th day of January. How's 2010 sailed...

1. The year was greeted with eclipse of the moon. There'll be solar eclipse this coming January 15.

2. The mass birthday celebration of the 80's children was held at Jalan Tenaga on the 1st day of 2010. It was the proudest moment of my mother to see her grandchildren had turned to fine adults.
3. Something like Singapore High Consul had set up office at City Square. Heard that on Suria 11.30pm news on Friday, 1st January. Need to check up more.

4. Warna, Malay radio station with 9 bus loads of fans spent the New Year at Port Dickson.

5. Siti Nurhaliza and M Nasir ushered in 2010 with their sold out performance at the Esplanade.
Anita Sarawak and Ismail Harun will perform at Expo in 2 weeks' time.
Wali band famous in Singapore with the hit song 'Cari Jodoh' will perform at Republic Polytechnic on Saturday, 23rd January - Another full-house I suppose.

6. Former Malaysian Information Minister, Datuk Mohamed Rahmat, 72, passed away on the 1st day of 2010 after 10 years suffering from kidney ailment.
7. Federal Court Judge Datuk Seri S. Augustine Paul, 65, who's famed with Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim's 1998 case, passed away 3 days ago, after 2 years of pancreatic cancer.
8. Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim will be in court this 25th January for the almost similar 1998 case.    

9. Sugar had increased by 20sen / kg to RM1.65 and Gardenia by 30sen / 600g loaf to RM3.20.       

10. Malay students poor in Mathematics?
A Stanford University graduate Maths Teacher, Mr Khir Johari, said on television that, it's all in the mindset.

When asked of his opinion, he stressed on making the students understand the subject and not rank them - Mass prejudgment will bring in the mass expected result.
His 7 year experience teaching in California to Hispanics and immigrant students with multi-social background had him concluded that Malay students' dismal performance can easily be tackled with early culculative subject and passion building.    

For now, I'm momentarily relieved. I'll sail on...