Friday, February 5, 2010

The Big Little Red Dot

"Kak, boleh tunjuk arah ke Sentosa?" A young Chinese man seemed lost for direction in hot mid-afternoon.

"You sudah salah naik bas. Bas ini pegi Singapore." Sentosa to me is a place along Jalan Tebrau in JB.

"Yelah. Pulau Sentosa diSingaporekan?" Fortunately the young man could not read my mind.  

"O... Sentosa tu jauh." I wasn't sure myself how to go there. The first and last time I was there was during the late 90s.

"Tapi Singapore sebuah pulau kecil sahajekan? Naik 1 saje bas mane-mane pergi pun tak sampai satu hari sahaje."
So this is what the young man from Genting Highlands was made to believe. The almost 2 and a 1/2 times exchange rate of the Singapore dollar had led his strong willpower to travel to Singapore, for the first time, all alone by himself.

Not sure how to go about it, I accompanied him from Larkin Terminal right up to Woodland's Interchange, passed him to the officer-in-charge of Mass Rapid Transit (MRT).

He was hesitant to be left there with so many parked buses and buses in operation - Not 'satu bas sahaje.'
I could not show him the way to Sentosa as I have matters to attend and, I do not know how to reach there. I pitied him for being  too naive  - He's still working at Genting and on his day off, and I doubt if he can be back to Genting that very night.     

As usual, what I can do is to pray that everything will turn out fine.


rem said...

ish ish ish. dia ingat spore ni kecik sangat ke?
tapi takpe, dia ada semangat nak berkelana.

Mr. Stupid said...

At least you were able to help the young man. Glad he couldn't read your mind... hehe Or else he would have felt still lost.
Anyways, have a wonderful weekend!:)

Ummie said...

Rem & Mr (not) Stupid,
He's to Sentosa to find a similar hospitality job as he has in Genting.
Pity him though to think Singapore road is a one way street to all destinations.

jenny said...

so, was he lost?i didn't catch the conversation quite well:P

Ummie said...

Jenny, honestly I don't know what's happening to him.
The bus interchange that we alighted at, is below the MRT station where I asked the officer-in-charge to direct him to Sentosa.
His facial expression turned 'white' upon seeing train commuters alighting in droves.
I hope he's now working in Sentosa.

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