Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Guarding The Curious Minds

Curious children will eventually find means and ways to bypass age requirements in virtual worlds that may contain violent or explicit content.

Many virtual worlds are for adults 18 year old and above.
But the posted age requirement is no barrier in stopping kids and curious teenagers to find their various accidental ways or otherwise.
Will the exposure of violence or sexually explicit material directly risked the children to disturbing behaviour? That's the question with the inclination of more 'yes' than 'no'.
The anonymity that avatars provide can encourage tween and teens to 'act out':
- A great passageway to automatically considered the most appropriate step to these curious minds.
Hope not, its the passport to simulated activities or violence.

Virtual worlds provide 3D environments for users to interact with one another in real time.
In no wasted time, these curious children will create avatars of themselves.
For heaven sake, we are responsible provider of our children's healthy environment.
Before unhealthy obsession creeps into our children's life, let us do our best.
In ensuring our children's best upbringing, spare some times to be in their world.
Check their visits to online worlds.

Hoping government will impose strict 'family policies' in protecting these children's growing years.
Companies behind these sites, please do more.
More age screening mechanisms to prevent our children from fraud registrations.