Wednesday, February 3, 2010

HE Who Reveals The Unknown

As I stepped into the reception area of the dental clinic in Larkin Perdana yesterday, 'the doctor', with a girl's mother were persuading the girl to have her teeth checked.
The preschooler was traumatised by power failure while undergoing the previous check. 'The doctor' assured her that everything will turn out fine - Power surge had cost the clinic more than ten thousand ringgits in equipments that need change. She had complained to Tenaga. I've no idea which power interruption she was referring to - Just too many  incidences.

Is that 'the doctor' who transformed her beautiful hairdo to completely cover it up and her once doll-up face to just light powder and lip gloss after her 2006 haj as was told by my husband? I guess so.
The hair cover-up and almost makeup-free face totally changed her outlook. I did not recognise her as she stood inside the reception counter while putting up with the small girl's tantrum. 

"Ummie, it's been a long time since I last saw you. How's life?" 'The doctor' asked in a very, very friendly tone. Now, I recognised her as I entered the dental room.

"Phobia." The word just blurted out.

Even though the clinic at Larkin Perdana is a family clinic, I insisted of changing to another doctor. My husband assured the doctor had changed since 2006 but I thought it was only physical appearance.

I was adamant of not wanting her service again. My refusal led me to call Dr Tay whom I used to visit when I stayed around town, only to find out that the doctor attends to patients only in the morning.
Then my husband sent me to Dr Hasanah and quickly drove away for his already late appointment. As I moved closer to the gate, a notice was put up that stated the clinic is closed for a month!
I did not give up hope and walked over to another dental clinic a few doors away and... The doctor will attend to patients, this time, only after 5pm.

After 3 failed attempt to change doctor, I had to admit God still wanted me to go to Larkin Perdana. My husband made his u-turn with his "There, I told you so..."        

"Ok its ok. You are here whenever you want to go for your haj. I can see that you are going again this year?" The doctor's soft tone really melt me.

Maybe this is the statement God wants me to hear.

Yes, I've been thinking hard about it these past days. I longed to be there again. But definitely not haj. I have to be fair to those first timer waiting patiently in the long queue. Maybe umrah Ramadhan. The last 2002 Ramadhan spent in the Holy Place left a great determination in me that the next time will be a month, God willing.

So my husband is right. She has changed - Not just appearance, but her tonation and choice of words too. I used to know her as a person who has 'authority' in her body language and command of words. Now everything is history.


As the doctor was about to finish attending me, my handphone rang.

"Oh my, that's Sudais isn't it?" She lowered her face, focused on the Quran recitation by the Grand Imam in Masjidil Haram till it ends.

"Ummie, I say it again, you are nearer there than here." She said, and grasped my arm, hard.

Yes, my husband is definitely right. Her 2006 haj had defintely transformed her physically, socially and spiritually.

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