Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Less Powerful Power Supply

I had just finished attending the laundry, having done ironing at around 11.30am when the power supply went off.

Yesterday was supposed to be a lucky day for me.
Unfortunately I wasn't all the time lucky whenever there's frequent abrupt interruptions.

Just a fortnight ago while rushing to finish a nearing dateline article, I had to redo all over again.
Only God knows and hears the tons of prayers said to overcome the frustrations in me for loosing many precious hours in the said article and had to recall what's written.

The experience of sure blackout whenever Hari Raya is round the corner will instill fear in you in not wanting to make biscuits or baking cakes.  

In May, in the midst of a wedding preparation at home, my fridge needed change due to great power surge after another unnoticed interruption. There's just too many foodstuff that needed cold-storaged.

The table computer had experienced changes too.

I wonder if the homes of these people working in the power supply company had never experience these unnoticed temporary cutoff or had never face any difficulties when new electrical or electronic products be needed.

The worst scenario seen was multiple accidents with a big crowd at  the T-junction just one kilometer away from my house.
The traffic light had stopped working. We did not stop to have a look as it was pitch dark, late at night. The dark sky did not help the situation any better.
The only thing for us to do at that moment was to pray that everything will turn out fine.

As we passed through the 1 kilometer road to my house, all houses were only 'brightened up' with candle lights.

This early morning, just after midnight as everybody had just gone to bed, another interruption set in.
I did not bother to find out the time.

But Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) resumed its 'powerful power' again at 3.00am.            

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