Sunday, December 6, 2009

Singapore Malay Radio Stations And I

All Ria 89.7fm deejays are now in Pattaya, Bangkok, celebrating the radio station's 19th birthday.

Yes, it took me 19 years before I finally tuned in to Ria 89.7fm station. When it was initially announced that another Malay station will  be on air, I was skeptical - It will be just another spin the music station.
But Fiza O proved me wrong.
She, a 27 year old bachelor-girl talking about marriage, harmony and fidelity to married listeners who turned to her for advice - She's no bimbo but gila-gila. She read all emails that were written with full emotions. She can laughed her heart out one moment and immediately shed tears the next when sensitive issues are touched.

I did not listen to 'Firman and Sabda' for a very long. The lady deejay who delivered it totally Malayed the Arabic words or, Bahasa Bakued them.  I would rather have Muhammad Ashik be slotted in even though it's just like script-reading.

Then just by sheer luck, while setting the time to the bedside radio, I came across Deen Nur Rahim who was quoting and reciting a verse from the Qur'an. Who's this ustaz and why Warna 94.2fm suddenly had a change of heart - Getting the most appropriate person for the appropriate job.
Now I know - He's one hot favourite male deejay too.      

The landscape of Singapore Radio Stations has changed for the better tremendously.
The same will go to Malay tv station?
Time will tell. For the time being, contents in Okto and Vasantham Central surpass Suria anytime.