Friday, December 4, 2009

The Housing Story - One Moronic Action

Action Taken: Bukit Panjang Flat Sold.
Reason: Financing The Family Car.
Follow Up Action: Stay in Johor Bahru for the Whole 2010. - Will Be Back Staying In Singapore In 2011 After Another Flat Purchased.  
Action taken by: Greedy Moron.

Much as I'll look into each request and favour in accomodation search in Johor Bahru, this particular case really put me in a reluctant situation. The sole reason for the house being sold, make me brand both parents as such: Greedy Moron.

Their 2 boys, one will be called up for National Service and the other will be sitting his O Level next year, have no say in the decision made - When children's education is placed in a compromising state, action taken is one foolish action which the children will demand to know the reason behind putting their future at stake.
I've been travelling to and from Singapore and Johore Bahru with these students as early as 6a.m. for the past 20 years or so.
Some of them woke up as early as 4a.m. to reach their school before 7.30 - Usually they'll reach home after 3 - If there's remedial classes, often they'll reach at 7pm jostling in the public buses with those thousands of workers who work in Singapore and stay in JB.

Sacrificing students' time to be spend on the road is no sacred sacrifice made at all. In-fact, it's their at-least-brighter future that'll be put on uncertainties.
Last week, the last schooling day, while waiting for Singapore Bus Service 170, a boy was telling his friend that he will not be attending his football practice in December - Reason being staying in JB, distance and transportation.
While he can, reluctantly, to stay away from the game, he still harbour the wish that his parents had stay in Singapore. He cannot ignore the fact that his education had been terribly affected - He'll be too exhausted by the time he reach school and sleepy when class commence.

Some Singapore parents, to overcome commuting issues, will put their children in Malaysian schools - These students need adjustment to the schooling system and language used - Bahasa Malaysia. After so many years attending Singapore primary or secondary schools - English.

A person I know, who's son is 13, is staying home (not home-schooled), after a few months staying and attending school in JB after their Yishun flat is rented out at S$2,000 per month. Interestingly, the husband is staying away from work too.
Reason: Staying in JB, distance and transportation.