Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Taxi Story - Wrong Catch

Fauzi did not utter a single word when he heard the figure. This 10-minute nap is far more important than having an argument with this crocodile driver.

Yesterday, Fauzi drove his taxi around town the whole day before leaving for Batam, caught the last ferry from Stulang Ferry Terminal - His relative from Padang, Sumatra, was there - Waiting for his passport and address changed to Batam's, and the green-light to enter Malaysia from the agent.
He met up with him, spending almost all night catching-up with news from his home-village and took the first ferry back to JB to continue driving again.

He gave RM10.00 to the driver for the 4km journey from Stulang to Larkin Market where his taxi was parked. He has been driving a taxi for the past 15 years after 3 years obtaining Malaysian Blue Identification Card.

"Hoi!!! 80 ringgitlah. Ini 10 ringgit aje." The taxi driver yelled as Fauzi walked towards the row of taxis queuing for passengers who has done their marketing at Larkin.
He ran after Fauzi who was now among the drivers of the taxis in waiting.

"Kenapa engkau?" One of the many taxi-driver asked Fauzi.

"Dia gila. Ada ke Stulang sampai Larkin 80. Aku ingat tadi nak kasi 8 je. Dah ada lebih tu 10 ringgit."

"Oklah Mamat. Engkau ketuk salah orang. Dia pun bawak teksi ..."
Before one of the driver could finish his sentence, this 'Mamat' has walked away and quickly sped off his taxi.
'Mamat' had hauled the wrong catch.

Fauzi looks Indonesian. Fauzi sounds Indonesian, but Fauzi is a Malaysian.


Later that night, Fauzi was queuing for passengers at City Square when he noticed the same taxi he took, the same 'Mamat' he gave his RM10.00 to, in the same queue just in front of him.
He thought of showing himself to 'Mamat', wanted to remind 'Mamat' not to do to others what 'Mamat' had done to him.

But as 'Mamat's' queue has reached the 1st, before Fauzi alighted, 'Mamat' sped off as quickly as he sped off at Larkin this morning without taking any passenger with him.

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rem said...

salam Ummie.
hahaha. cantik cerita nih.

eh saya pun dah baca pengalaman anda selepas baca maulid semasa berhaji.
isteri, ibu dan anak pompuan saya ada pengalaman lebih kurang sama - bau wangian dalam bilik.
pengalaman saya dan anak lelaki saya lain pula - di masjidil haram.
allah maha besar.