Thursday, July 29, 2010

Extreme Habits That Lead To Death

Junk food addict Sharon Mevsimler, 40, needed an oxygen mask due to the strain her weight put on her heart and lungs.

Aged 6 and 14 ... Sharon was a normal-sized little girl and a slim and pretty teenager

Aged 18 and 28 ... enjoying sunshine on holiday in Cyprus but as a young mum she was putting on weight

Aged 32 ... by now Sharon is seriously obese. All Photos: Internet.

The 5 feet tall Sharon Mevsimler was slim with glossy hair and rosy cheeks on her wedding day.

She was just like any twenty-something when she got married to boyfriend Tyler but no thanks to the severe post-natal depression she suffered.
After giving birth to her 4 children, post-natal depression sets in and Mevsimler sought solace in food during her depressed moments.

She turned to comfort eating and it soon balloned her weight. She blamed her weight gain on comfort eating as her weight peaked at a massive 285kg.
The habit eventually took a toll on her health.
The Sun newspaper reported the 40-year old mother as the Britain's fattest woman, who spent the last 4 years lying in the hospital bed because she was too big to walk.

It was revealed earlier this month that Mrs Mevsimler's husband had to give up his job to look after his wife fulltime.

Mrs Mevsimler said in 2007 that she had "been left to die".
If she was anorexic, she would get proper help but no one has sympathy for obese people.

She was relying on an oxygen mask to help her to breathe because of the pressure put on her heart and lungs. She had repeatedly asked for a life saving band operation.
Mevsimler was upset to find out that her size and weight had prevented her from getting any life-saving operations.
Sources from National Health Service claimed they have not given up on Mevsimler, as she has been lined up for a £30,000 gastric by-pass operation.

The mother of 4 died last Saturday from heart attack in hospital. .
Doctors made a grave prediction then that she had only months to live.

Before the death, she reportedly asked family members to smuggle junk food into her hospital room.
She had buckets of chicken and fish-and-chips, despite being put on a strict diet by doctors.

Her hospital bed which is a specially strengthened hospital bed collapsed as she was being wheeled to the mortuary.


A "size zero" Taiwanese woman died after falling into a coma after a slimming programme that went fatally wrong.

"Size zero" is often used to refer to extremely thin individuals, especially women.
The 34-year-old woman, surnamed Lin, was 1.66m tall.

According to China Times, she was unhappy with her weight of 60kg.
She underwent a slimming programme and started taking slimming pills about 4 years ago beside taking laxatives after every meal.

She later suffered from anorexia nervosa (lack of desire to eat) and once weighed only 24kg.
Her health deteriorated so much and she could not go to work.

Her mother said Lin had refused to listen to her advice to stop taking pills and complained of not feeling well at 2pm on Wednesday May 5, but refused to go to the hospital.
Then, the mother left home to run some errands and found the daughter dead when she returned home some two hours later.
She hoped her daughter's slimming case and death would raise the alarm to those who are concerned too much about their looks.

Lin, who had been discharged from hospital early this year, fell into a coma at home and died of multiple organ failure. She even took slimming pills when she was warded at the hospital.

The extremely thin size zero woman only weighed 31kg when she died on Wednesday 5th of May, 2010.


RoseBelle said...

So sad. I can't believe people would eat away their health like that. As for the size zero lady, there's so many women that are dissatisfied with their weight and seek ways to lose more weight. They always end up harming or even worse, killing themselves.

remgold said...

takutttt maam, baca cerita ni.
oklah saya tak jadi makan big burger karang, makan burger kecik dan fries sikit je....

Ummie said...

A woman I know blamed her son-in-law for causing ill health to her daughter.

The man, who adores beauty, enrolled his wife for slim wrap sessions beside the slimming juice he bought for the wife to drink.
There was a stage where the wife's knee just gave way while walking resulting many falls.
The last time I saw her, she wasn't feeling well yet, she had to dress up to her best.

The mother is resenting her son-in-law more & more...


Taiwanese dentists have urged fast food chains to drop over-sized hamburgers from their menus following a growing number of jaw injury cases among patients.
They have developed sore jaws or had difficulties opening their mouths after consuming giant burgers, School of Dentistry at National Yang-Ming University said as quoted by China Post.

A human mouth is designed to gape over objects measuring no more than 4cm.
Overextending can hurt the joint between the jawbone and the temporal bone in front of the ears.

***Hamburgers more than 8cm (3") high.

Anonymous said...


Food! glorious food.Thank God Ramadan is coming.Ya Allah please refrain me thinking of food always.


Ummie said...

Ahlan Wasahlan ya Ramadhan.
Yes, fasting month, the spread of food all over the place is more than the eyes can handle.
Yay, looking forward to the 'last days' of Ramadhan...

Anonymous said...
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Mr. Stupid said...

This is just sad. Both being at their extremes lost their lives. There are so many women out there who care a lot about their weight. maybe, her story will be a lesson to them.

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