Saturday, July 3, 2010

Shop Lifting

Investigations revealed that the 8 suspects are also believed to be involved in similar cases at shopping centres in other parts of Singapore, and they will be charged in Court on Thursday.

If convicted, the suspects could be jailed for up to 7 years, they could also receive a fine.


 1998 Causeway Point

It was on that Tuesday that I was in Causeway Point, while walking past John Little, I heard hurried steps, then a shout, "Stop!"

I froze, turning my head to know who the person was.
A security officer, brushed my side, walked up to 2 girls in front of me.

The 2 girls turned, had direct eye-contact with me, their faces as white as chalk.

I quickly looked away, pretending not to see that the security officer was showing them either his ID or photo snapped while the 2 girls were in action...   


Anonymous said...


Mr. Stupid said...

Oh no! Shoplifting is horrible. I once saw a man getting caught in the Grocery Store. He apologized. They didn't hand him over to the Cops. I wonder what happened with the two girls.

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Ummie, hey...I was really shocked to see the name John Little. That store still around? Wow!
The one in KL disappeared somewhere around the 60s.
I remember Robinsons too.

Re shoplifting, we have that here too...and some are school kids. Some new immigrants too. But most are caught with hefty fines, and mugshots taken...
Oh well, there'll always be these going on everywhere.

By the way, Ummie, is Change Alley still there with all the small shops and stuffs hanging overhead the lane?
My last walkabout there back in the early 80s.
As well still remember Van Cleef Aquarium.
And the best and most Internationally well know 'kai fun' is at Chatter Box, Mandarin Hotel. Simply, sinfully delicious!

And the shrimp porridge at Shangrila hotel, after next trip back, these two places top of my list, besides seafood at Bedok, ha ha.
Have a pleasant weekend, Lee.

Ummie said...

John Little - there's around 8 JL all over S'pore, owned by Robinsons.
Robinsons, there's 2.
I trust JL for its menswear.

Change Alley - undergoing renovation.
Its revolving tower will connect the new Overseas Union House complex.
About to complete anytime from now.

Van Cleef Aquarium?
OMG, still remember?
Been there once or twice.
Can't remember if I'm already schooling.

There's still one Shangrila, but 3 Mandarins here - Marina, Meritus & Orchard.
Bedok - often go back there, not for seafood, but many, many weddings.

Porridge? Ah, that's my comfort food.
Need to have it often.

RoseBelle said...

I saw people shoplift a couple of times. I think the worst one was a mom pushing a stroller, holding her baby, and putting stolen clothes on the stroller and then covering it with a baby blanket. She also had a little girl with her. What a way to be a mom and a horrible role model for her kids.

Ummie said...

Mentioning mother, here, its often to read mothers shoplift babies' milk formula, & sadly jailed.

I was in Giant Supermarket early this month & surprise!
Babies milk need to be bought like medicine, over the counter - c.o.d.
The price of milk shocked me - close to RM100.

Shoplifting is definitely wrong but the above mothers' babies, they just know its their feeding time :(...

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