Sunday, July 4, 2010

Paul And Germany

"Argentina lost." My Son said as I appeared from the kitchen. 

I had told him what I had read in The Straits Times.
He just laughed it off and it proves him right. 
Anyway, just out of curiousity, I had share it  here,  just for the fun of it.
Argentina's 4-0 thrashing by Germany is nearing to almost unpredictable score. 

Human being, not being accurate.
How about animal this time around?

Paul The German Octopus is born in England but now has a home at Sea Life Aquarium in Oberhausen, Germany.
These Sea Life Aquarium people, out of curiousity, idea was sparked into their heads.
They let Paul predicts all of Germany’s matches in the 2010 World Cup.
Paul's prediction in all of Germany’s 5 games in the World Cup so far, all sooo right.

He backed the Germans for victories against Australia, Ghana, England and, Argentina.
But he favoured the Serbians over his adopted home country, another accurately predicted result.
Paul predicts the games by eating a mussel out of one of the two containers that his caretakers sent down into  his tank.
One of the container has the German flag.
The other, the flag of the opposing team and...
He cleverly eats from the winner's box - That’s how the fortune teller tells - By eating out from the lucky container.

Paul The German Octopus instantly becomes a celebrity.
It received lots of worldwide media attention.
With the correct prediction of another Germany win, people start to wonder if octopus really has the supernatural power to predict as Paul's 5 predictions are all right.

It will be even more interesting for the semi final.

Predicting Germany over Argentina. Source: Internet


Alas, like the players and all those who are part of the World Cup crowd, everybody has to go home. 
So is Paul The Octopus. 

BERLIN - AN OCTOPUS in Germany who has shot to fame by correctly predicting the outcome of the country's World Cup matches should be set free, an animal rights group said on Friday.

'Paul has forecast that Germany will beat Argentina. In order that Paul too can celebrate on Saturday, and not just football fans, PETA Germany ... is now asking for him to be set free,' PETA said in a statement.

The organisation called for the seawater soccer soothsayer, currently in Sea Life in Oberhausen, western Germany, to be released into a national park in waters off the south of France where fishing is banned.

'Paul is stuck in a small aquarium ... We think that Paul would be fine in the sea,' marine biologist Tanja Breining from PETA said. 

'Octopuses are among the most intelligent of invertebrates. They are capable of complex thought processes, have short and long-term memories, use tools, learn through observation, have different personalities and are particularly sensitive to pain,' the organisation said.

Sea Life, however, said it would be a bad idea.
'Animals born in captivity are used to being fed and have no experience finding food by themselves,' a spokeswoman told AFP.

'It is highly likely that he would die.'


mamasita said...

Paul deserves the freedom.Then there'll be more little Pauls!

Ummie said...

Animals, in general, understand nature & surroundings better with their instinct.
They can sense what's coming to humans closest to them but alas, they can't speak common sense to humans.
Humans treat them well, their returns to human - the best.
Yes, return them to nature. Let nature takes its course.

Mr. Stupid said...

I was looking forward to Argentina's win. But with that thrashing, I now support Germany. I read about Paul the other day. Its amazing how he predicts the future.
Great post, Ummie...:)

Ummie said...

By now it's suppose to be freely swimming in the ocean - Maybe on the way to S. Africa, I guess.

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