Sunday, June 13, 2010


Football speaks no language but understands by all.

Like it or not, almost everybody is affected by the World Cup Fever.
Lightning strike the world not with one stroke, but football does. Once the goal is scored, the whole universe roar.
It's the time we can feel the whole block of flat shaken, likened to whenever there's Sumatra earthquake jolts.

Before, whenever I wanted to go across the Causeway, the timing must possibly not clash with people going to work or holiday, where the factory buses or school buses' queues are not causing traffic congestion and even though I'm no punters, I have to know when is the next horse racing day. If not, my journey back home will not be breeze.
The very last place I want to be, is to be caught in a crowded place. If possible, I'll avoid such places.
I have Great Singapore Sale in mind but thinking of the crowd, I always postpone my purchase to some other day.

Singapore population, they maybe 5 millions only, but they are all over the place...

Take the National Day for example, they are at the parade, at the neighbourhood stadiums, and still they packed the Causeway to the brim.

Buying things at Pasar Tani? I was there only twice. The first time was just to find out, out of curosity and the second time was to accompany My Mother for her purchase. But I have no problem to always receive Singaporeans who are back from the Farmers' Market.
Even my friends across the Causeway travel more to Pandan Market than I do. My visit there? less then the number of fingers in hands.
Where's my grocery purchase? *Far From The Madding Crowd - *Thomas Hardy

Now with the World Cup Fever, topped with the month long school holiday, my list of avoiding travelling time is longer.

I've been following the match even before the opening ceremony, just to accompany My Son.
My Husband is not a football fan. He is a fan of his job.

Today, as I flipped through The Straits Times, something strikes my eyes. Read  on...
One word strikes my mind, Argentina.

Jun 11, 2010 - Fortune teller reveals all     

The 70-year-old fortune teller, a cheerful lady called Constance, plays a critical role in Zulu culture, blessed with special powers to heal and divine the future. -- PHOTO: AFP

PORT ELIZABETH (South Africa) - A ZULU sangoma, after a night of dreams and consultations with the ancestors, looks into the future to see the winner of the 2010 World Cup.

The 70-year-old fortune teller, a cheerful lady called Constance, plays a critical role in Zulu culture, blessed with special powers to heal and divine the future. But she was mighty hard to find. A two-day search aided by street sellers and shop owners in the southern city of Port Elizabeth had produced nothing but a series of false dawns. 

It appeared one needed a sangoma to find a sangoma. Then a toothless lady of indeterminate age kneading dough on a pavement beside a taxi rank suggested trying a muthi herbal specialist off Govan Mbeki Road.

The shop, an Aladdin's cave of pills and potions and ointments, had a high counter behind which were two people. 

One, a man, had his face painted in tribal warpaint. The other, a woman, was Ms Constance.

'You've made it,' she smiled, as if she had been expecting the visit all the time.
After negotiating her fee, Ms Constance opened a door into a storeroom packed with sacks of dried roots and animal hides hanging from a makeshift washing line.

Through a curtain at the back was her 'office' - with a frayed floral couch, more bags of herbs and plant extracts, and shelves crammed with somewhat incongruous tins of Jeyes Fluid household cleaner.
More than 30 per cent of African athletes use traditional medicines, according to one survey. Johannesburg's Ellis Park stadium is a hop from major medicine markets, and an ox was slaughtered at the showpiece Soccer City site to bless the 10 World Cup pitches.

Asked about the World Cup, Ms Constance shuts her eyes, as if asleep, in meditation, then opens them sharply.
'All the teams here are strong, but I have to consult my ancestors, I have to ask them what they think, and they will tell me in my dream tonight. Come back tomorrow, and I will have your answer.'

The next day, Ms Constance is again waiting behind the counter, with the answer not to eternity but almost as important.
'Argentina will win the World Cup.' -- AFP


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Ummie, you are right. The World cup stops everything! I love football but will only watch when Argentina, Brazil, Italy, Germany and England play.
Fortunately my wife not a football fan, only ask "who won"?

I think Brazil will take the cup....ha ha. I enjoyed reading about 'Constance'......will see if her ancestors are right.
You have fun, best regards, Lee.

Ummie said...

Uncle Lee,
Hey, Argetina! it's in your list.

Football can come close to world religion.
Even Thai inmates are now competing their own World Cup 2010 Behind Bars.
Prison life is not that bad after all as football has unite their hearts.

Anonymous said...
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Ummie said...


Mr. Stupid said...

The World Cup fever has caught up to everyone. I loved the way Ms. Constance said, 'You've made it'. I am happy to see Argentina win as it has Messi. May the best team win.

Great post, Ummie...:)

Ummie said...

Yeah. Next month we'll know if her super power is truly super.

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