Friday, June 25, 2010

Testing My Sense Of Humour

I am feeling that my sense of humour is tested.

Home Ministry Secretary General Mahmood Adam said on the official news agency  Bernama  announced it had banned 3 works of political cartoons that criticise the government. The government said the cartoons in 2 books and a magazine posed a security threat.
All the 3 publications have been banned for their contents can influence the people to revolt against the leaders, government policies and, the contents are said not suitable and detrimental to public order.
Printing, distributing or possessing prohibited material is punishable by up to 3 years in jail.

One of the works are mainly collections of comics by Zulkifli Anwar Ulhaque, known as Zunar,  a multi-faceted cartoonist,  was obligated to highlight issues other cartoonists would not question about current events, like the trial of opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim.

Zulkifli Anwar Ulhaque, known as Zunar. - Photo: AP


The 2 books that had been published are  "Perak, Land Of Cartoons"  in Malay, a compilation of cartoons already published on Malaysiakini's website, an independent online news portal, and "1 Funny Malaysia", which was published late last year.

The magazine, "Issues In Cartoons" in Malay, with a circulation of 15,000 copies, was launched in February with 3 volumes coming out since then.

Meanwhile, Zunar, a  professional cartoonist  for more than 20 years, who first published his cartoon at the age of 9, vowed not to stop drawing. Malaysian government, to him, will not allow alternative views. Whatever art work done, it must be in line with the government's view. He is still waiting for an official letter from the ministry.
Hundreds of copies  of his publications had been seized by authorities for inspections from vendors throughout Malaysia.
Another magazine which he began publishing was also banned last year after the first volume. He estimated the latest ban may cost him up to RM70,000 (S$30,066) as distributors were likely to return his publications.

Malaysiakini's chief executive officer, Premesh Chandran, said there is no evidence of public disturbance stemming from Zunar's cartoons. It is going to file a court case to challenge the ban of Zunar's book.


RoseBelle said...

I hate lawsuits and I especially think that lawsuits only make attorneys richer. I hope the cartoonist wouldn't have to shell out big money if he ends up pulled into the court case.

Ummie said...

“I draw with my heart and I sketch with my brain.”
That's the cartoonist's statement.
My children grew up with his cartoons of his younger days and there're always messages behind the drawings.
I wonder if his mind needed to be tide up too.

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