Friday, June 18, 2010

Forgetful Parents, Babies Still In The Car?

Forgetful Father 
LARNACA (Cyprus) - A 5-year-old Cyprus boy was found dead in the family car,
forgotten there for nearly eight hours by his doctor father while he carried out emergency surgery,
police said on Wednesday 2nd June.

A post mortem indicated that the boy could have died from a heart attack
and not from heatstroke or asphyxiation as first feared.
'The child had quite serious heart problems that were discovered during the autopsy.
For a final conclusion we must await the results of tissue tests,'
state pathologist Eleni Antoniou told reporters.

She said the child had been dead for 6 hours before he was found ruling out the June heat as a factor and suggesting an unknown heart defect was the cause of death.
Police said they found the boy dead at 5:00 pm (10.00 pm Singapore time) on Tuesday afternoon
in the car parked outside a private clinic in the southern coastal town of Larnaca.

According to the Cyprus News Agency (CNA) the police found the car locked,
the boy was in the back seat and there was an empty water bottle next to him. - AFP


Forgetful Mother
KINGSVILLE - Police say a 1-year-old girl died after being left in a hot car in southern Texas for about 45 minutes.

Kingsville Police Chief Ricardo Torres says the child's mother had just returned home from picking up her children when she mistakenly left the toddler in the family car on Wednesday afternoon,
the Corpus Christi Caller-Times reported.
No charges have been filed,
but the case has been turned over to prosecutors.

The Corpus Christi Caller-Times reports the temperature about 5 p.m. on Wednesday,
when police were called, was 91 degrees(32.78 Celsius). -- AP


Uncle Lee said...

Hello Ummie, it is sad to read, know of such problems. We too kee reading about parents leaving babies in cars, in the hot sun while at a casino.
As well baby in car, engine running and car gets stolen.
I personally have seen couple of times, once informed a security girl in car backseat crying her heart out, not more than 2 years old.
Mom was shopping for groceries.

To think these are parents supposed to love their kids!
You keep well, best regards, Lee.

Ummie said...

In the car, the safest place or the danger zone?

Mike said...

Parents should not put their babies on the back seat of the car. They mostly forget while they are talking on phone after pulling over the car

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