Monday, June 28, 2010

Money Temptation

A CERTIS Cisco vault assistant, who was in charge of keeping cash boxes and helped himself to S$50,000, was jailed 1 1/2 years on Monday. Worker Lim Ming Yao pleaded guilty in a district court to stealing the money and taking it to Malaysia.

The court heard that the 19-year-old started work at Certis Cisco in April.
As the vault assistant, the Malaysian was to assist the vault custodian in issuing and receiving these boxes containing cash for automated teller machines or holding the cash earnings of retail businesses.

On June 5, Lim cut open a box in the inner sanctum of the vault at the Certis Cisco Secure Logistics centre in Jalan Afifi and stuffed the money in his jeans pocket and later placed the money in a sling bag.
After his shift ended at 7am the next day, Lim signed out taking the sling bag full of money, and crossed over to Johor after 8am.

Certis Cisco reported the theft on June 9 - four days after the offence.

However, within weeks, Lim was tired of life on the run and surrendered himself with $41,150 and RM900 (S$380) on him.
Asking District Judge Lee Poh Choo for a lenient sentence, Lim said that he surrendered himself because he realised his mistake.

The Malaysian was jailed 1 1/2 years for stealing from his employer and jailed nine months for moving criminal proceeds amounting to $50,000 out of the country. As the sentences were ordered to run together, he will have to serve only 1 1/2 years in jail.


RoseBelle said...

I used to work for a bank. Our cash vault is below ground level and there were carts and carts of cash filled inside. I was touring the area one time and the manager there told me that even though there are cameras everywhere, employees still steal..and they get caught immediately. Working with cash is not for a faint of heart; you really need to have self-control and strong principal of never to steal.

Ummie said...

Pity the youth who had just started work.
Going through his facebook, he had just finished his U & the vast world had just open up for him.

Mr. Stupid said...

I have always wondered how bank employees can resist not taking the money. Even a couple of notes can make a big difference.
Being jailed at just 19 years is very sad. I wonder how this act will determine his future.

Ummie said...

His parents are at the lowest - Having to face neighbours & relatives.
Then, usually there's his study loan that needs servicing.

江婷 said...

pleasure to find such a good artical! please keep update!!.................................................................                           

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Ummie, the temptations will always be there, and only the strong will detour from it.
The weak will fail.

I was always tempted by business people about cutting some slack with my projects, business discounts with them...and their hints of my being 'rewarded' for it.
And here we talking about hundreds of thousands, even millions....
My reply was, just buy me an iced coffee and I'll be happy.

I want to walk tall, as well not have behind my back whispers of 'money gained under tables'.
My wife says when I die she will have my tombstone engraved, 'here lies an honest man, but not with women'.
Love her sense of humour, ha ha.
I enjoyed reading your posting, real sad too. Pity.
Best regards, Lee.

Ummie said...

Mr Lee,
Yes, you are now walking tall across the globe.
You have your wife to thank. I really mean it.
A man working in the bank, because of love for his wife & his wife's love of money, showered her with monies not his - The wife left him in the midst of him having difficulties over monies that was spent on her.

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