Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Busy Toileting With Companions

The novel 'Drop' will be one year old this 6th June.

In a country where ghosts are traditionally believed to hide in the loo, a Japanese company had adverted its new literary experience.
'Drop' was set in a public restroom, about an evil spirit inhibiting toilets. Toilets in Japan were traditionally tucked away in dark corners of houses due to religious beliefs then. Children would be teased by parents and the elderly that a hairy hand might pull them down into the dark pool below.

The writer, Koji Suzuki by the way, is well known for his literary horror masterpiece novel 'The Ring'. One can say that he’s the Japan’s Stephen King. The horror 'Ring' had been made into movies in both Japan and Hollywood, turned into an acceptable American remake movie.
Koji Suzuki, the master of Japanese horror genre had creatively outdone himself with his literary masterpiece that had taken up the world by storm. You will roughly know what kind of a person Koji Suzuki is.
The guy didn’t have to do anything with the movie but authored the book of the same name and Suzuki had, one year ago, again released horror tale titled 'Drop'.
'Drop' was released not on movie, but on toilet paper rolls. Aptly named, I would say. The thing is seriously being marketed as “Japan’s creepiest toilet paper”.


The horror story printed on toilet paper with blue printed text interspersed with gory splatters which evoke blood. It was designed by a Japanese toilet paper design company, Banbix. Each roll carries several copies of the nine-chapter novella and the printed tale is repeated over approximately every 90cm (3 feet) of the toilet paper. The entire story can be read in a few minutes in one sitting.

The packaging comes in a black wrapping paper with the picture of the ghost’s face.
Printed on a drum-roll tissue paper, a roll, double layer, 100% recycled paper, 30m sold at US$2.20 (S$3.00). The company that promoted the toilet paper, wanted readers to experience “a horror experience in the toilet” with each of its roll.

Those who can read Japanese and has the nasty habit of reading horror books while sitting comfortably on the toilet will just have to thank Koji Suzuki for coming up with a genius idea of incorporating a reading material and toilet paper.

Horror fans can always flush the spine-chilling tale down the toilet, if it gives them the creeps although no one has ever sighted the ghost and there's the sequel, 'Drop 2'.

However, it is definitely not for kids, for it could scare even adults out of their toilets!
Will it be translated to other languages? Perhaps. Or kanji dictionary to accompany it?

If ghost is not for kids, then get them to work out with origami toilet paper.

Or sudoku for the brainers

Wants to be in the filthy rich loo, this is for you.



Uncle Lee said...

Hi Ummi, ha ha, trust the Japanese to come out with these to read while downloading.
Anyway, I do not have the habit of reading when busy, ha ha....in...and out, thats it.
But I sure would like to get my hands on these if in English.....provided I have an extra bathroom.
You have fun and have a great week, Lee.

Ummie said...

These Japanese are always full of ideas.
I guess manga, their Japanese anime comics, is already in the queue to be printed on toilet rolls.

Mr. Stupid said...

That's an impressive idea. A novel on a Toilet Paper. Wow. I wonder who thinks all this. "The Ring" was really scary. Though, I never knew he was behind its making.
Interesting post, Ummie!:)

Ummie said...

It gives you an idea right?
About your potato story, nice reading.

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