Wednesday, June 23, 2010

In Anticipation Of Not An Orchard Reservoir


Mr. Stupid said...

This flash flood looks pretty severe. I just hope there are no more showers.
Take care, Ummie.

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Ummie, wow, very interesting read your this eloquent mention.
I remember old days used to get caught at Bukit Timah if there's a heavy downpour. So stop go to kedai kopi minum iced coffe, till rain stops.

But I sure have experienced my fair share of floods too, and Jalan Pudu, KL notorious for its floods everytime it rains, and as usual politicians point their ten fingers everywhere, except at themselves.

I have been stuck in the deep jungles of Kelantan, Sarawak...sometimes sleeping in my car, no food too till flood waters recede....or bridge down.
And jungle bridges often get washed away....

I'm surprise Singapore still experiencing these floods? Holy Smoke! What if they have snow and ice, and in April all melting away? Habis cherita, ha ha.
Have a nice day, Ummie, Lee.

Ummie said...

Mr (not) Stupid,
Yes, it is severe. It is indeed a surprise for everyone. But actions were immediately excercised.


Mr Lee,
Back then, it wasn't heard anybody suing everybody. Now, the book is turned to a new chapter.

It's always my wild imagination to see snow in Woodlands, glaciers melting in Yishun, leaves falling in Bedok, heavy rain in Changi, Toa Payoh and sunshine in Jurong - All at the same time.
Then, S'poreans will not be travelling all over the place.

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