Thursday, June 3, 2010

Soapy And Cruel Rides

A Soapy Ride 

This is Kimba, the 4 month old Persian kitten who gave her Manly Vale, Sydney owners the shock of their lives when she emerged from the washing machine, dizzy and bedraggled after surviving a full cycle.

Rogers's father Lyndsay had turned the machine on for a cold wash without knowing the white, fluffy kitten had climbed into the front-loader machine when the door was open and curled up on the dirty clothes.
Father and son were both amazed when the cycle - including a high level spin - finished and they opened the door to pull out the clothes to find Kimba in the machine.

They could not believe their eyes when she emerged, looking like a drowned cat. Kimba was rushed to the vet where she was put on an intravenous drip and treated for shock and hypothermia. Her eyes were also badly affected by the detergent and needed treatment - She's used all of her nine lives.

This photo uploaded by a neitzen shows a motorcyclist dragging a chained dog behind his wheels
This photo uploaded by a neitzen shows a motorcyclist dragging a chained dog behind his wheels
A Cruel Ride

A photo, put up by a netizen surnamed Liu, showed a man riding on a motorcycle on a highway in Fuzhou.

The motorcyclist  was seen towing a chained dog that was uploaded to the Internet has sparked off public outrage in China. The dog, which has a metal chain coiled around its neck, was being dragged along the road by the motorcyclist.

"I wound down my car window and asked the man to stop. However, he sped up and zoomed away," Liu told the Straits Newspaper, a metropolitan daily paper in the capital of China's Fujian province.
"The dog couldn't bark due to the chains around its neck, and its four legs were bleeding," Liu said.
"The motorcyclist was riding at about 50 km per hour at the time."

Some netizens left messages at - a popular online bulletin board - to rebuke the man's brutality.

Some doubted that the man was a dog thief. Other furious netizens demanded a search for the man.

*Local readers, after seeing the inhumane, hurting, disgusting, unacceptable photo, named the man a barbarian, a beast, a brute, a jerk, a torturer with outrageous and savage behaviour.
They wrote that he should be chained at his neck and get dragged too.e should be hunted down, punished severely and shall rot in hell as what goes around comes around.

Deep down, they are boiling.


remgold said...

these people should be lynched.
or at least be made to eat cat food and dog food for a day.
baru depa bertaubat.

Ummie said...

Can animals forgive?

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