Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Other World Story - Parents, Keep Your Kids Away From All Evil Spirits

Sleep walking Siti Balqis Mohd Nor has been found in the early hours of the morning on top of her house, on trees, in drains and even inside a cement mixer.
At one time, Siti was found 10km away from her house in a cemetery.
The family of the 22-year-old from Kampung Gong Nangka had even resorted to hiring bomohs from Kelantan and Pahang to find a solution to her condition.
Her mother Norizan Said, 47, said Siti had to be watched by the whole family or she would get up and start walking randomly.
“This is so strange. She has been sleep-walking every night for two months now,” she said.
Norizan added that Siti, the eldest, has to be constantly watched by her three other siblings.
Siti is not aware of her condition.
“I don’t realise what I’m doing until suddenly I’ll find myself waking up in a strange place.
“Sometimes I can see people looking for me but I can never call out to them,” she said.


That is what appeared in  The Star  last week, and I was halfway to share about my experience of having a sleepwalking son before his kindergarten days.
Then, I sensed something not right about the report. I went through it again and decided not to blog about sleepwalking as it's bad spirits, jinns or genies that have to do with her disappearing acts.

I had just  blogged  about evil creatures earlier, meant for information sharing, not entertaining ideas about them, and yes, they like entertainment a lot, just like us, human beings, like to be entertained - So, just make sure they do not come in between while we enjoy entertaining or being entertained.
These creatures, they very much love humans and they love humans to talk about them, searching for them, be among them and... be damn them.

They are GOD's creations, they are everywhere, these Lucifer's families and friends  make Mina their homes (that's the reason why nobody is allowed to stay there), and their numbers are 100% more than us, human beings.


Photo: Asiaone

Stories about Siti Balqis appeared daily in many papers, but what makes me wanted to write about her is, I wonder whose children are in the above picture when the traditional practitioners manged to capture the bad spirits.

Isn't the parents aware of the consequences?
They should keep their children away from those bad creatures.


Siti Balqis became the talk of her village when she allegedly vanished on several occasions, only to be found in odd places.
The family had forked out thousands of ringgit to pay for the services of about 100 bomohs since Siti Balqis started vanishing at odd hours two months ago but 17 bomohs had offered their services for free since the girl's story appeared in papers.

Siti Balqis stopped vanishing and had just wanted to carry on with life after the '9 culprits' responsible for spiriting her away had been captured last Friday.
The bomohs sealed the 'culprits' in containers and would be thrown into the sea so that the jinns would not bother anyone again.
Hundreds of curious onlookers flocked to the home of Siti Balqis when they heard that the "culprits" had been captured and imprisoned in special containers. They jostled to take photos and video footage of the containers which the djinns were said to be inside.

Siti Balqis was relieved to be able to live without the fear of suddenly finding herself alone in strange places. Her family thought her ordeal was over when 2 bomohs had captured and sealed the 9 jinns but she disappeared again on Saturday night.

3 healers captured 12 more jinns from the house after she was whisked away to a cave about 15km from her home.
She mysteriously disappeared at 7.30pm and hundreds of residents searched around the house and at locations that she had been found in previous disappearances.
At 11.30pm, her mother received an SMS from the girl, saying that she had been taken to a cave in Bukit Keluang where rescue team to Bukit Keluang did not find her but found seven men and two women who were meditating inside the cave.
Two hours later, Siti Balqis sent another SMS, saying she had been whisked home but had landed on a rambutan tree.
She was pale and unconscious when rescuers brought her down from the rambutan tree.
After regained consciousness at 5am, she told her mother she saw the rescuers at Bukit Keluang cave but none of them could hear her calls. She even tried to touch one of the rescuers' wife as she passed by her but the lady failed to notice her existence.


The sealed containers would be thrown into the sea so that the jinns would not bother anyone again?

If any curious daredevil is to find one?
Will it end up to be auctioned online as these?

    Captured ghosts from our house
    Captured by an exorsist from a spiritualist church
    one spirit we believe is a man by the name of Les Graham, managed to track down a photo. He died in the house in the 1920's.
    Exorsist believes this spirit likes to make himself known and spook people. but he is not a very strong spirit.

    The other spirit came from when me and my partner stupidly did an Oujia Board. We believe it is a little girl who likes to move things and turn things on and off. Exorsist says she is VERY strong and if left will get stronger.
    We have had no activity since they were bottled on July 15th 2009 . So i believe they are in the bottles.

    They are bottled with holy water as aparantly the water dulls the spirits energy, sort of puts them to sleep.
    To revive the spirit, i have been told that you pour into a little dish and let it evaporate into your house.

    I just want to get rid of them as they scare me. But someone might like these to play with.
    So if you like ghosts, heres two real ones! 


    The bottled 'ghosts' (Image from Trademe)
    Some readers were concerned for the wellbeing of the spirits
    Two glass phials said to contain the ghosts of an old man and a young girl have sold for NZ$2,000 ($1,395:£935) in an online auction in New Zealand.
    The auction, which ended on Monday night, attracted more than 200,000 page views on the Trade Me website.
    Avie Woodbury said the ghosts had been captured in her Christchurch house by an exorcist and stored in holy water.
    The top bidder, an electronic cigarette company, said it was looking for ideas on what to do with the ghosts.
    Ms Woodbury told bidders she had experienced "bizarre activity" in her home.
    "I would get things like the jug boiling itself, touching on the back of my neck, voices from other rooms, and items going missing then turning up in weird places," she said.

    "The dog was mental, he wouldn't go into certain rooms and my brother's daughter would stay with me and she said she spoke to a little girl."
    But after a member of a local spiritualist church performed an exorcism in July last year, the house had returned to normal, said Ms Woodbury.
    The ghost of the old man and the girl had been safely contained in holy water, she said, which "sort of puts them to sleep".
    "I just want to get rid of them as they scare me. But someone might like these to play with," she said.
    The lot was viewed nearly 220,000 times in a week and received scores of comments, ranging from practical issues about how to ensure the ghosts remained in the bottles to concerns over the morality of selling another person's spirit.
    Other enquiries were more sceptical, with one reader suggesting he too had spirits in bottles in a cupboard at home.
    "I think they are called Jim Beam and the other is Johnnie Walker," he said.
    The closing bid went to a company called Safer Smoke NZ, which produces electronic cigarette substitutes - it paid NZ$2,830 for the two bottles.
    The company said it was now inviting suggestions as to what they should do with the ghosts.
    Ms Woodbury said all profits from the sale would be donated to an animal charity, after she had paid the exorcist's fees.


    Anonymous said...

    Parents of the kids in the picture doesn't know any better I guess.

    Here are my stories:

    1. My mom and I went to China for a vacation back in 2008. Mom being a staunch Buddhist will always recite some holy mantra after entering hotel rooms. I would always knock before entering and ask for permission to stay in the room. My mom has this habit of taking off her sports shoes without untying the laces because she is too lazy to tie them up again the next morning, just slip them on. We happened to stay in the same hotel in Chengdu for 3 nights. Each morning, she would wake up and find her shoes laces undone. The first morning she asked me if I did that, I told her she probably did it herself, why would I want to touch her shoes. The second morning, the laces where undone again. My mom swore did not undone the laces. I agreed with her as I saw her taking off her shoes. The 3rd morning, it was undone again. Jeezz...we are glad that was our last night in that hotel.

    2. Then I remembered back in secondary school, my teacher brought her 5 years old son to school for some extra-curricular activities that she was in-charged of. Me and my friends where playing with her son when the kid suddenly got into a trance, stared at one of the school staircases looking at something we couldn't see. We shook him, call his name but the kid was just staring into space, transfixed at something on the staircase. It was a hot afternoon but we all had goosebumps. 5 mins later the kid knock out of it and started crying. The next day, he fell sick with high fever. The weird thing was, my school was a new school. Previously it was a rubber estate.

    3. This one happened to my mom's friend. She stayed in one hotel where she thought gave her a 'weird' feeling. In the middle of the night she was awoken by a family of spirits that lived in the hotel room...insisting that she leaves because she was trespassing their space. The family consisted of a grandpa, grandma and two grandchildren. My mom's friend told them politely that just needed a place to sleep and will leave in the morning. They leave her alone for the rest of the night. Such courteous ghosts.


    Ummie said...

    1.Tx so much 4 sharing.
    Hotel rooms or any other rooms left vacant, bound to invite them 2 stay, d beds 4 them to sleep, & they like 2 sleep with humans.
    That's d logic that all beds need 'cleaning up' - With our own hands, will do - B4 we land on them.
    2.These creatures, like us, they timed themselves 2, even 2 mingle with us.
    Beside sunset & after-dark, they chose midday 2, when d sun is @ its hottest.
    Its best to stay indoor during those times or possibly, we do not clash with those timing when coming out of our house / any place we r @.
    3.Yes, ur mom's friend did it rt. We step on solid ground but they make do in d thin air (some people's air passage as well).
    Do not give in to them - Just tell them off to those stubborn headed.
    I used to hear people scolding them - 2 scare them off.

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