Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Other World Story - 'Saka' As It's Known Today

A message was left to me last night: "Sorry, can't wait for you. 'Buang Saka' had just been performed on MIL. Bye."
It was said that hers was family inheritance.

Her children were used to the sighting of another person entering in or coming out of their mother.
But the turning point came when doctors were puzzled at who guzzled the blood that was pump into her veins as she underwent dialysis twice weekly - she was simply bloodless, as they put it.
Hence, the long search to find the right person who is able to rid the evil 'saka' took years.

"She must be very weak now." I said, as I've seen cases of traditional practitioners healing people who fell into deep trance and being possessed of evil spirit.

"Yes, she's in ICU now." was the reply.

I had only heard about the word, these couple of years (from paper or tv programme? Not sure) but only in the day today do I manage to understand more of it.


My Mother is a non-believer of practices and traditions which went against what's written in  The Holy Qur'an and  Hadith  - The Prophet's (peace be upon him) sayings.
To us, and many of us too, we have a strong hold of The Holy Book and The Prophet's (pbuh) sayings.

The first time I stayed in JB, I found it odd to always place any sharp objects near babies, but I followed nevertheless, as I was and still is, faraway from my own parents, although in my heart it will always be the 'selawat' and versus from The Holy Quran.

But as I do my questionings, searchings, probing further into the meanings of Al-Quran versus and reading up to understand better  The Prophetic Medicine,  I should say that old folks' teachings are not to be taken lightly.
They are people of great wisdom, they have faith in whatever they do.
In those days, questions were rarely raised - Just do it, and do it right!

To me, 'saka' are jinns or genies.
They are GOD's creations from fire, living creatures like us.
They live in human body with or without the human's knowledge.
Sometimes their behaviour influence the human's daily chores.

Although some were family's inheritance, yet there are cases where the bad spirits chose to be with them, with or without their knowledge.
These bad spirits are some of evil jinns or genies, and some are from Lucifer's family or Lucifer itself.

That is why relationship in whatever form is not encouraged, if not forbidden, as in Chapter 72 (Surah Aljinn / The Spirit) verse 6:
'True, there were persons among mankind who took shelter with persons among the jinns, but they, (the jinns), increase them in folly.  

I had blogged here of how these creatures  fight for their rights  to stay and be among us, and how they  harbour revenge on humans.  Some of them live in the airspace, some disguise themselves as snakes or dogs, and some are constantly on the move. 

I think the closest that I blogged about 'saka' is  here, which before, I had never hear it ever mentioned.         

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Al-Manar said...

Coincidentally it was only two days ago an elderly relative talked to me of his experience with the subject of this post. It is had to believe what our naked eyes cannot see. But that is how it is. Fortunately our Quran tells us about it so we know for certain what common logic fails to accept.