Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Taxi Story - Payment For Past Deed

The taxi driver sped off as fast as he could, eager to drop off both passengers at the destination - an old graveyard site off the 'ulu' track somewhere in Chai Chee area.

The elder passenger's reply to his question, out of curiosity, prompted him to think hard what had he done to these 2 strangers to be accused of beating and limping his ward.

Upon further self-defense, he realised they are no ordinary mortals.
Feared of the situation, he refused any fare paid.
They boarded his taxi from Bidadari Cemetery area as ordinary human beings but alighted as 2 snakes sliding out of the vehicle.

He slumped behind the wheel after 'they' disappeared out of his sight.
He stayed at home for many, many weeks. His body ached all over.


Recalling the unfateful incident, it happened during the early 60's when he was still staying in Bedok Village.

Water was stored in a big barrel, then perched on 4 red bricks. Noticing a small snake was under the water barrel, he chased it away with a stick and it slid away.

Little did he realise that the baby snake was injured in the process.


Lucky for the taxi driver, the elder passemger said, he caused only injury to his baby.
If not, death follow suit should the baby snake was dead.