Friday, November 21, 2008

The Haj Story - Naivety And Realisation

Indescribable - The exact word to describe the fragile, elderly woman whom I saw in Prophet's Mosque - Masjid Nabawi.

With layers of tattered, dirty clothings to keep her warm in the chilling weather of Madinah, impossible for her bony legs to support her body. She leaned against one of the many pillars, sitting on the kerb, her skinny right hand holding a long pole made from a cut-out tree branch.

Never in my life did I ever see a person with hollow nose from the bridge downwards.
With very charcoally-like skin, she's 'The Most Outstanding Human Being' in the midst of thousands of congregations who had just finished performing their prayers.
I wondered how she's able to reach deep inside the vast mosque.

I asked my then 12 year old Girl for some money to give to the imperfect soul.
She refused to hand over - I told her I'll return the amount immediately when I get from her Dad - She insisted my sister gave her the loose change for buying ice-cream.
Ice-cream only!

When The Dad finally arrived and I had money in hand, the soul that pricked my heart was no longer there!!!
How could that be???
Even if she was to walk away, impossible for her to be totally out of sight when able-bodied worshipers had to move slowly with the crowd.
It's just a matter of few minutes!
We looked around but the lost soul was no where to be found.

My Girl realised her wrongdoing.
She said her sorry and was reaching for her loose-change purse which was always in the sling-bag.
She realised it was not there.
Thinking it was left in the hotel room, although we doubt so, we did a fruitless search.

The incident left a deep regret in her.
But being just 12, she treasured her 2 weeks supply of ice-cream money which was close to SR100.
Of course Dad paid up for her naivety.

For a week we looked out for the indescribable woman and we asked around, but it bore no answer.

Years had passed.
After another few more visits to the same place, not the same incident happened again but more memorable episodes followed...

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