Friday, November 14, 2008

The Other World Story - Prayer For A Former Roof Provider

When people asked me wasn't I afraid to rent a house from Mak Limah?

Definitely the answer's 'NO'.
That's the cheapest house - at RM80 in JB town and not too faraway from the Causeway.

Little did I realise that she's soon a changed person.

Taking my first 'wuduk' for subuh prayer was always a noisy affair.
She would remind me time and again that she didn't like her tenants performing prayers in her house - She would often turned off the main piping system to stop water into my bathroom, but my duty towards GOD is the priority.
I wasn't bothered with her stern reminders.

When neighbours' children came over to play at my house, she would chased them away with brooms - I would retaliate by carrying a long stick to protect them from her beatings and she would then sit alone in front of her house looking at the kids with anger and resentment.
That would make my day...
I have to teach her to love innocent children.

She's childless - Except for an adopted son who would switch on the main for electric supply back to its normal current flow most of the time when he's back from his work at Wholesalers' Market in the early mornings.


She never like to hear recitations of the Holy Quran.
What's more when the recitation was heard next-door!
That's her reason for switching off the electric supply to my house, and I ended up using candle-light.
My action will cause her 'son' great anger for her selfishness.


Many times others saw fire came out from my roof-top but I did not see it - Not even once.

When My Husband eventually uprooted the whole family to a place nearer to the Causeway, less than 3km away, she showed a sign of relief that at last all problems caused by me will soon go away.
I thanked her anyway, for providing a roof over our heads for a few years.

I have nothing against her.
I've done my part in showing her that we cannot be always right in our thinking - Building relationship among neighbours, family members and friends are most important especially when old age and ill health are catching up on us.


When the last time I heard that she was hospitalised, I visited her with my ex-neighbour, Yen.
She refused to look at me when I reached out to hold her hand, but when Yen held her hand, she (Yen) felt a shocking surge of electric flow ran through her veins from Mak Limah's handshake rushed into her whole body system...

For 3 years she suffered when nights started to fall...

She would feel and see herself all skeleton (jerangkung) - Even standing in front of a mirror did not reflect herself, but the reflection of jerangkung too.

Whenever her husband 's away at work, she would hear strange noise - scratching away the outside wall of her house...


The house which I stayed in the late 80's is still vacant until today -Even though Mak Limah had passed away not long after Yen felt and saw herself as all skeleton (jerangkung)...

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