Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Man Made Accident?

All of a sudden, the motorbike swerved to the right. Luckily it was Sunday morning and there was very few vehicles on Pan Island Expressway ( PIE ). If not, there will be no posting of this article.

The motorbike had run on something sharp that caused the puncture to the wheel.

Good gracious!!!
There was not a single vehicle around when the incident occurred. My husband pushed the bike to the road shoulder.

The very moment it was parked, came a very suspicious rescue-man on a bike.

"Punctured?" He asked. My husband nodded.

In a flash, he opened up his black utility-box full of tools for repairing breakdown-vehicles.

I timed his work as I was surprised with his immediate attendance.
My mind started to recall articles that I read in papers about nails being strewn all over the main road and stories about motorists relating their doubts and suspicions of somebody doing it with evil intention of self monetary gain. 

A flat 10 minutes it took to change the tyre.

As he wiped his hand, I can see heap of cloth-rags nicely folded and placed in the front-basket of his bike.

"20 dollars." He quoted his price.

"No Singapore money. Malaysia only." I don't feel bad about lying this time. After-all, his bike is Johore plated.

We stood at the roadside.

As I was about to make a call to inform I'll be late for class, he decided "O.k., o.k. 40 ringgit."

The sum was paid.

I told my husband of my uneasiness towards this repairman - But he reasoned it's no good accusing others whom we are not 100% sure of the wrongdoing.

The next morning, over the radio news, it was mentioned that a car had skidded, swerved to the right and overturned somewhere along Kranji Expressway the night before.

I was grieved with the news. Was it the same scenario that my husband and I faced the same morning?

For many months I kept the motorcycle plate-number  in my mind but I could not be 100% sure if he's the real culprit.

After a few years, after the plate-number is no longer in my mind, I hope the incident will not be ever happening again.

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