Thursday, November 13, 2008

'Aidilfitri, Saving And The Missing Sons

I was one month late for this year's 'Aidilfitri visit to Granny Zara's house but surprisingly, she still put aside many Hari Raya goodies, drinks and food-stuff she received from well-wishes, corporate companies and associations, for me to bring home even if it was only after Syawal that I managed to drop by.

Thank God...
This year she received more than RM1,400 from hands-out.
Not included the 8 bags of rice which she had asked the nearby provision shop to sell on her behalf.
What a brilliant person!
Knowing well it's impossible for her to finish up the stock before white worms start to appear among the grains.

Her saving for now is close to RM10,000 but, what can she do with the amount?
It's a figure that she never imagined of - having so much money but with her is only tens of ringgits in hands.

The rest are all in the bank.


It was few years back when her intention of keeping some emergency money at home was ruined.
She had kept RM300 in the safest place - sewn in a pillow, but the thief or thieves had left her with only strewn cotton-wool all around her house.

Her poverty stemmed from being illiterate to let her ex-husband forced her to sign a document which was later found out to be an agreement to auction all household furnitures to repay his lost in horse-betting before he quietly went back to India.
She was close to madness, as she admitted, getting jeers from neighbours and there's no one for her to turn to.
No family members and no money in hand had made the world spinning in her head.
She would make ends-meet washing laundry for households and I happened to need her.
After more than 20 years later, I still make a point to pay her occasional visits just to ensure she's well and have what's needed.


After more than 10 years she did not have any news of the whereabout of her 3 sons, she declared them missing with the father.
Social Welfare and 'Baitul Mal' started to step in providing financial aid.
When her life was about to be taken care by another, surprisingly the 3 sons started to appear from KL, from Malacca and from JB.

The 3 sons 'biscuit-like appearance' did not make any difference nor glitters her twilight years who's down with high blood, diabetic, nearing kidney failure and a weak heart.
For I have yet to meet them in person in their mother's house.
When will the time be?
The final journey of her life?

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