Monday, November 17, 2008

The Food Story - Caffeine For Good Cholesterol, Anyone?

If the prediction in The Straits Times (19 August 2008) is to be believed, then consumption of coffee in Singapore will go up by more than 10% to 12000 tonnes this year - more than twice the amount of steel used in Eiffel Tower.

Contrary to report that Starbucks will close 600 stores and lay off 12,000 employees worldwide, the reverse trend is happening in neighbourhood coffee shops.

New shops are opening here and sales of instant coffee mix has gone up to an average of 20% in big supermarkets. Home brewing is also catching up.

Based on Singaporean consumptions, there's always shortage of supply of Red Yeast Coffee from Malaysia. .

As red yeast is popularly used among ancient Chinese for abdominal treatment against diarrhea, indigestion and pain, it's also a known fact in helping reducing bad cholesterol level hence promoting healthy cardiovascular system.

The latest feedback is from Suhaila who used to work night shift for many years. The initial change in her when consuming the coffee is looking for a bed to have a good sleep - let it be day or night.

She thought of stopping the intake but then she noticed a very big difference when looking at the mirror - the dark, dark circles under her eyes have turned very much lighter. Now she stick to the coffee for night time or when she's all alone at home.

The drastic change of her disappearing panda eyes in only a few weeks has brought extra cash for her family with the coffee sales made by her husband and daughter at their working places.

The free hands-out made has produce good results too.
Miss Ziyad managed to loose weight and is now maintaining her weight with the coffee and Auntie Liza, a diabetic patient, has got the approval from her doctor as her sugar has remained low.

An 'ustaz''s 25 year-old son, who was once very thick at the waistline has become a new person with boosted confidence level when his bulging stomach started to disappear.

With all the great demand in Singapore, drinking red yeast coffe will be everyone soon.


Pebbles said...

I am a coffee lover esp the traditional black coffee....but as I get older, alamak, my heart beat a bit too fast when I take coffee...a bit hyper the caffeine kicking in.

ummie said...

The Red Yeast Coffee I mentioned here has done wonders to all these people. These are real people from my group - except for the ustaz's son, with real testimonies. For further details, you can surf or you can read up about red yeast. Thanks.