Thursday, November 20, 2008

Remembering Them Who Feed Us

Planting rice is never fun
Work from morning till set of sun
Cannot stand and cannot sit
Cannot rest for a little bit.

That's the song always been sung
In classes before primary one
The work of those who feed us
Under the scorching hot sun is a must.

The farmers that plant our basic food
Labouring and scattering the seeds of livelihood
Waterlogged fields their feet are planted to
Pulling out weeds with weathered hands too.

Months and months for grains ripening
Oh weather, do have mercy on them
Anxiety and fear are phases to harvesting
Livelihood at stake for family and friends.

When yields are weighed and price are paid
Across muddy fields again they must wade.

At least for once when meal is served
We thanked all the farmers
Acknowledgment they do deserved
In defying us from hunger.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Ummie for this poem and for remembering the tough life of farmers. Just goes to show the depth of character that you have, dear Ummie.

Take care.

ummie said...

They are the invisible heroes who energise the world citizens.