Monday, November 24, 2008

The Other World Story - Mind Your Family Members

The neighbourhood doctor assured all will be well again.

Baby Aimi will bounce back in no time, but his body temperature had been on pendulum for weeks.
The several visits to the doctor found nothing wrong with him, just a slight fever.

My Father sensed something was not right.
He prayed hard for his grandson's health - GOD giveth and HE knows best the remedy.

While deep in prayer, an 'invisible old man' sat with My Father on his praying rug.
The 'invisible old man' accused Aimi of inflicting eye injury to his child while Aimi was playing with sharp sticks thus 'the invisible family' retaliated, hence the fluctuating fever.

My Father reminded them of the promise of peace that 'the forefathers of  the invisible family' made to the ALMIGHTY CREATOR - They could not take to heart over an innocent child's act - Aimi could not see them.
My Father wanted Aimi's active days back and demanded 'the invisible family' to move out of the house.

'The invisible family' refused to barge off.
They insisted they had resided atop the hill named Kaki Bukit generations ago before it was bulldozed - Long before the flat which My Sister's family reside, was built.

Yes, I knew that too.
I used to follow My Mother to her teacher's house at Jalan Ambok Solo, somewhere at the foot of the hill - Coincidentally the place is called Kaki Bukit.
No visible human being stay at the hill.
So, naturally 'those invisibles' took over the permanent residency.

The scenic hill had seen many Malay films being shot there.
Although I'm not a whatever film fan, but I remember the mentioning in the media of the late Nordin Ahmad was there too for the shot.


An agreement was made - 'The invisible old man', stay they could, but should any such unfavourable incident to happen again, out they must.
After more than 20 years, that was the only hiccup with 'the invisible'.

To each, his own family.