Sunday, November 2, 2008

Warring The Unknown

The man placed his soldier friend in the body suite.
The memory of holding a warm hamburger out of the corpse still remains. To forget the experience of going to war in Afghanistan is near impossible - After 3 years out of it, he's still on marijuana.

Another soldier divorced his wife out of love.
He did not want her to suffer should anything happen to him - Now living alone, he cherished all the sweet memories he had with her pondering over why he should be on the front line, fighting for causes not close to his heart.

Another wife asked for divorce when she realised there's no purpose in the marriage.
The husband in faraway land, be it Papua New Guinea or Africa as a United Nation peacekeeper, is adamant of being a peacekeeper as a career - but the wife is never at peace.

Sights of rebel gun-fighting and bodies of comrades flown home for burial are stories more often repeated over the times.

Should anything happen to him, even the million dollar insurance pay-out cannot compensate the responsibilities and burden in caring the invalid or heal the abandoned heart.

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