Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Dream Of Real Golden Opportunities

A 68 year-old villager, Abdullah Abdul Rahman, of Marang, Terengganu, was digging a very hard hole to make his toilet when he noticed the muddied water shines.

He scooped, cleaned and sieved the mud.
His effort paid when he found it to be pure gold.
He used to get about RM1,000 for 12 gram weekly, for the precious metal.
He had dug 1.8 metre deep in his backyard.
I would say that the man is sleeping on a 'very precious bed' made of pure gold based on the report in The New Paper, 19th August 2008.


My mother used to tell me that when she was young, she knew of a man who saw in his dream of finding pots and pots of gold buried beneath his house.
He kept digging and gigging the earth underneath - nobody could warn him of danger, nobody could stop him until he was buried in the self-dug grave.
He was said to be obsessed with the voice heard in himself.
He was said to become insane.


If anybody could remember, sometime in December last year, at anytime, up to 500 people can be spotted camping out and digging for gold along Mersing beach in Johor.

A 51 year-old Mr Ramli Harun had dream that a princess had her gold left scattered at the beach.
After 2 weeks of searching the exact location, scooping and sieving mud and sand, an initial sum of RM3,600 worth of gold finding is definitely a handsome reward.


Many years back, I met a long lost friend who was wearing a pair of ear-studs made of very rare dark-pink oval-shaped stones with gold glitters splashed and embedded in them - I could not take my eyes off them.
She noticed my attention and was forthright in telling me that his uncle had found the pair of stones in Mount Moor, some where near Mount Ophir (Gunung Ledang) if I'm not mistaken, in Johor too.
He saw in his dream that she's the rightful owner.

Wow, as I am posting this article, I wonder when will my turn be...
Pray for me that it will be the soonest possible as nothing is impossible.
GOD willing.