Wednesday, April 7, 2010

There Are Eyes Around

It was in 2006 and I was the last person to go through Sue's photo-album of she and husband performed their Haj.

Did those before me looking at the photos taken noticed something strange?
I asked, but none could think of any.
When Sue came for the photo-album, I sat with her, asking her if anybody reminded her, possibly, not to snap any photographs at any 'Jamrahs' - She saw no reason why it should not be done.

As Sue and I went through the photos of 'Jamrahs', where the act of Prophet Abraham alaihis salam threw stones at satan for discouraging him performing his duty to GOD was followed, she realised pairs of red eyes were scattered on them.
Her facial expression changed, quickly she put away the album back into the casing.

"Just throw away the photos." I advised her.


Mina, where the 3 'Jamrahs' are, is not a place to live in as it's the place where  satans and other evil creatures
roam around -It's only during the Haj period do we see throngs of pilgrimmers.

Outside the season, it's out of bound but, it used to be one favourite spot for illegal immigrants.
It's the place where the elephants belonging to the then Yaman's King Abrahah's were burnt to ash with stones aimed by the 'Ababil' birds
(Surah Alfil 2: Did HE not make their treacherous plan go astray?
3: And HE sent against them Flights of Birds.
4: Striking them with stones and baked clay.
5: Then did HE make them like an empty field of stalks and straw, [of which the corns] had been eaten up).

It's the place where annual stampedes took place, but with the just built new multi-tired stoning areas, GOD willing, there'll be none.

The last time I was there, I saw a woman deep in trance, jumped into one of the walled 'jamrah' pillar and continuously banged herself against the pillar.
Unavoidably, she was stoned by many pilgrimmers.

At best, unnecessary purchases be avoided.


Two years on, I asked Sue about the photographs, and she lamented the eyes had multiplied many times more.

"Just throw away." I said again.
She wanted to, but her husband forbid though they realised the unusual changes in their bedroom - 'Somebody' was constantly watching over them.
The photo-album was then moved to the study.


"Ummie, are the photos in any way, linked to Razif's constant faint? He's taking his O level this year end." My friend, Sue's workmate, was curious to know, as Sue had been taking more frequent emergency leave attending to Razif. He's been frequenting hospital as doctors are still finding the cause.

"To save your doubt, just throw away the pictures." My friend advised her, too.
She wanted, but her husband refused.

The husband liked the photos very much as the red eyes keeps multiplying, not only as a background as before, but occupied the whole pictures!

***Some Changes Made.