Monday, April 5, 2010

The Animals Had Signaled

Did I hear the sound of seal behind my house in the rain 2 nights ago?  

For a moment, I was brought to the time for penguin watching at Phillip Island when we were in Australia. The sight was awesome! SubhanALLAH. Mother nature surrounded me. Beautiful sunset at the endless end of the ocean. Nature painted sky with streaky orange red colour that placed me nowhere in the vast God gift to all breathing creatures.
Amidst all the electrifying beauty that brought tears to my eyes, I cannot stop wanting to get away from the picturesque beach enjoyed by seals. It's indescribable when we not only see things with our naked eyes, but our inner eye as well.

Spending sundown with no other humans except the 5 of us on the beach, with thousands of penguins swimming ashore to spend their night on land, I saw those penguins no difference from bats.
It brought creepiness to my heart.

Seal behind my house?
It took a while before I realised it was frog, as the old saying goes, calling the rain. But the difference in the croaking sound put my heart not at ease. What will happen? Only God knows, but the signal is there. If only we are made to understand animal language.

If people may say I'm superstitious, I'm not but for happenings that had taken place, there are reasons behind it, fate, the whys and the causes. My curious mind will venture out the possibilities, and our inner eye will see the reason why.
Of late, activities of rats, birds and even ants, as I see them, are on the hyper side. Only God knows the reason why, as He's the One who created them - if only I can understand the animal language.
They are creatures with higher sensitivity than us, they follow nature's order with no qualms and, shall I say, they commit no sin.

Cows are known to eat grass, never having adventurous appetite than what is being served by God on His earth. But how submissive they can be, mad cow disease still lingers around.
Then, again, because of human greed and vanity, Luohan, the designer fish was designed. Only the 'perfect' were chosen. The rest? To the rivers that caused nervous changes to the eco-system.
Growing (not rearing, mind you) by demand poultries for our consumption, we are culprits too. Shame on us!
Now, scientists are crafting human-safe mozzies...

Did all these animals retaliate in any way? Did all these animals demand compensation for their spaces that had been taken up by 'intelligent' humans? Did all these animals plead us to abide mother nature for harmonious living? If only we are made to understand their language.

Animals are lovers of mother nature and obedient creatures.
They serve humans as needed by nature. They live in the wild where they are placed. They roam the sky by order.

But when 'intelligent' humans expect them to go against norm, God The Hearer hears their cry, we can't.
He Who Sees everything watching them and us but we chose to see the result of our inhumane action.
God, He, Who Is The AlMighty Knowledgeable, knows these animals' plea. If only we can understand their language, then we will not self-destruct our human kingdom.
We live with humanity. Do animals live with animality?

Spare a thought. If our wish, our payers are not answered, check around.
If our lives are filled with misery, check our inner-self what makes all the going so wrong.

Animals around us are bestowed with super sensitive senses. They sense what's coming. Pets in our house know of future mishap befalling us - if only they can speak to forewarn us in the language that we understand.
Animals see  those invisible  around us. If, The Only God permit us to borrow these animals' eyes, then we will have better understanding that surround us thus those who are keen looking out for ghost, vampire, supernatural or whatsoever, these invisible creatures are no different from those in 'Lord Of The Ring', 'Avatar' and other books and films far to many...
They can exist in any form, to whom they want to show themselves to, especially those who are keen in befriending them. They are, after all, like befriending humans and like occupying human's mind, body and soul.
If we wish, we too can live in their world.

Animals are sinless that make them very close to their Creator. These animals are close to their Creator that He, The Creator, will answer their prayers especially prayers of those animals being deprived by human beings of their rights, their spaces, their freedom, whatever reason rightfully theirs, are reasonably enough for God to answer them first.

The seal?
It is still playing in my mind and stirring my inner feeling after 2 days.                       

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