Sunday, April 18, 2010

Toddler Exploited

The pony-tailed man's gaze was kind of full of satisfactions as he studiously stared and smiled at the only 'panadol extra'-like pill placed in a snugly fit plastic.

What's so special about panadol? I asked myself, being more of a supplement believer.
Once he realised I was watching his movement in the MRT, he put the pill away, stuffed carefully into the zipper compartment of his carrier bag which I assumed was full of toddler's needs.
Yes, he brought along a very cheerful girl, who will return a bright smile with every MRT passengers' looks.

An unsightly more than 50 years old Malay man, haggard looking in tight jeans with a girl around 2 years of age, frankly speaking, I do not trust what was before my eyes at 9pm last night.
He sang with the toddler the latest hit song of an Indonesian band, and surprisingly, the girl sang well even with her limited vocab, jumping around to the music from his handphone.
As the announcement, 'Next station, Bugis.' was heard, he stopped the music, sent an SMS and turned around facing the glass window.

Discreetly, he took out the only pill, slipped it carefully under his 2cm wristband on his left hand.
Many questions swirled in my mind. Wasn't it panadol? Was that drug? What was I supposed to do then?

When the train reached Bugis, he carried up the girl, and she sat nicely on the wristband while in his arm.
"Kiss daddy," he asked the girl before alighting from the train.

Now, she's his baby girl, but where's the mother?
How on earth can she trust her small girl in the hand of a very untrustworthy looking 'father'?
Was the girl's presence a camouflage to his illegal drug activity?

He's abusing his child. He's abusing her presence. He's...
I was very frustrated with the scene. Helpless.           


Mr. Stupid said...

This is sad. I can't believe how people can sometimes use children for such things. Or maybe, his looks were deceiving. Either way, its hard to tell.

Have a great day Ummie...:)

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Ummie, I guess most of us would be worried, apprehensive see a man like what you described.
But I guess its alright as the girl was happy with him.
If he was or is abusing her, she would have been quiet, looking frightened.

Sometimes looks do not a person make....but then, yes, I too would have been suspicious.
You have a nice day and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

Ummie said...

Mr (not) Stupid & Uncle Lee,
Definitely it's not good to judge a person's physical appearance, but after some time spent sitting facing him in the train, his strange 'stare & smile' at the white pill created curosity to other passengers.
He's abusing the girl's presence by making her sit on the pill.