Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Food Story - Towards The Closure Of The Lethal Rojak Episode

Mr Sheik Allaudin Mohideen, 70, the man at the centre of the Indian Rojak food poisoning, will be charged in court next month, May 11, on three counts of selling food unfit for human consumption, failing to keep his chopping board and his fridge tray clean.

Singapore's worst incidences of food poisoning in recent years saw two women died and more than 150 people became ill after eating food from Mr Sheik's stall at the Geylang Serai Temporary Food Market in April 2009.
A coroner's inquiry into the incident in February recorded a verdict of misadventure.

Mr Mohideen is resigned to having his licence suspended. He now spends his days at home in his Eunos flat waiting for the authorities' decision, praying for the best.
In a joint statement of the National Environment Authority (NEA) and the Ministry of Health said investigations into the food poisoning incident had been completed. They said they had found food and environmental hygiene lapses at the stall, and that they would take Mr Allaudin to court.

Was that an honest mistake? I doubted. His negligence claimed 2 lives and an unborn child.
Rats to be blamed? They thrive where there's food to consume but we can take steps not to let the rodent, some as big as cats, live with us.

The tragedy has given Indian Rojak a bad name, customers stay away from other Indian Rojak stalls and other rojak sellers' income were badly affected.