Friday, April 2, 2010

Smokey Issues

Some deejays of Singapore radio stations today, were expressing their disgust feelings, talking about a 4 year-old Indonesian boy who smoke, having the ambition to become a thief when he grows up and will patronise prostitutes with the ill-gotten money.
More than 1,000 people had viewed him on YouYube before it was brought down. The father, in his 50s said, his son had been asking for cigarettes since he's one.

I have a smoker-girlfriend who brand non-smoker males as 'incomplete' and 'not macho enough'. Needless to say, she chose a chain-smoker as a husband, but a close friend who looked after her baby nephew since birth had no choice - she had to blow cigarette smoke all over the newborn if his cryings and wailings went for hours.
She claimed his body's aching all over. She should had known better as the baby's father is her own brother.

The baby's parents were drug abusers. Cannabis brought them together as a couple and married them off. So, had the drug in any way affected the newborn? I bet.
The baby would cry for hours and my friend would lace a cigarette with white powder, keep the smoke in her mouth and blew it slowly all over the baby. Then the baby will sleep for hours too.
Maybe my friend was right - the baby's body aching all over.

Her brother refused to let his wife care for the baby for he pretty well understood she could not even care for herself. I had seen the baby's mother once before she walked out of the marriage - she's almost toothless or whatever teeth left were all black.
I am not a person to judge characters so, I was able to communicate with Ghani, the baby's father.

On many occasions, he tried hard to turn over a new leaf.
Upon being released from rehabiliation centre and for his child's sake, he became a cobbler at Pasar Baru. He found peace with shoes around him and yes, he did quite well with the new trade - but it's short lived.
The person whom he used to get his 'ware' knew of his whereabout and started frequenting his working place, sitting around for hours, persuading him to continue where he had left.
After a few months, I was informed he was being caught for cannabis pocession but was released after co-operating with police officers of his supplier - the supplier was caught, his house, car and money were confiscated.
The news of the haul was reported in local paper, but he's a free man again after 2 weeks, not reported, this time.

Again, Ghani was caught for reasons known best to him and sent to (either) prison / rehabiliation ( I've forgotten) in Negeri Sembilan. From then on, his life went downhill.
After spending time in Negeri Sembilan, he was sent home, feeling very sick. I was at his house on few occasions but his family kept him in his own room. I would hear endless coughing, and he's coughing out blood, until his death.
Baby? Thank God, he grew up a fine man who is now working in school lab, never give my friend any headache and choosy about his circle of friends - always refering to his father's circle of friends as comparison.


remgold said...

whew, nasib baik the story has a happy ending!

Ummie said...

Reme, the boy lives with a very low self esteem & challenging environment.
Relatives & neighbours always see his wayward parents in him although he tries hard disassociating their irresponsible behaviour by being a contributing individual.

Mr. Stupid said...

I am glad the boy chose a different and a better life. Its really sad to see people compare him to his parents ways.

Ummie said...

Mr (not) Stupid, his auntie constantly gives him moral support.
Hoping his life will be smooth sailing from now on.