Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Crime Story - Their Darkest Hours

Her facial expression revealed the excruciating pain she's bearing.
I asked her why?
She said she was locking the door to her flat when came a young man from nowhere, knocking her head with a motorcycle helmet and grabbed her handbag.
He walked away along the dark corridor...

The lights were all there.
So, was the then-flat in the middle of JB town took part in the 60-minutes 'Earth Hour'?
'Earth Hour' or not, the lights that's supposed to light-up corridors were simply not working since ages, as far as she could remember.

Fatmah, the single woman in her 50s I supposed, said, luck was still on her side as she was just about to put her house keys in her bag when one of  'the darkest episode' in her life took place.
Feeling dizzy with blood oozing out from the back of her head, she scrambled, unlocking her house, and rested in her house with more fear she felt than the excruciating pain she endured - her head injury needed 6 stitches.

She made a police report.
To her surprise, the police officer was not convinced with her story - Even with the stitches on the rear of her head as prove.
No witness to verify her story...

We were on our way to Gazebo, our usual dinner place when, from far, a girl was seen having a 'misunderstanding' with his boyfriend - the boy was on motorbike.

The scene was outside one of the gated terrace-houses in Taman Suria, about 500 metres from Giant Supermarket.
The dark, quiet lanes that enveloped the neighbourhood made me think that the girl was outside her house, meeting her boyfriend, without her parents' knowledge - but as we travelled nearer to them, there's not one, but two boys on the bike.

The pillon-rider was pulling away the girl's sling-bag from her and she struggled hard to save it.
Alas, the sling snapped and the boys sped away with their prey, the girl's sling-bag.
I tried to memorise the number on their licence-plate, but the bike was without lights. They knew we gave chase as we gave signal to another bike-rider about the snatch-theft, but as we approached Larkin Perdana, there's red light ahead.
Our chase stopped there as the thieves raced across the red-light.

Plunged into darkness or broad daylight, brave individuals put their 'wave of hope and action' into full practice.

It was about 5pm when outside the then temporary police station at Christine Place, traffic was understandably slow as thousands of workers were heading home from their day job across the Causeway.

In the midst of the chaotic road, I thought a drama or film-shooting was taking place.
A Chinese man was asked to alight from his motorcycle, stranding the motorcycle at the roadside. He was bundled into a car by 2 men - vehicles were redirected to the first and second lane.
The car was on the third lane. It was heading towards the flyover - and we trailed behind the car as we were on our way west of town.
Once the car was on the flyover, it turned left, and zoomed away...

My Husband and I realised, we were the only two other souls, beside the men in the car that were on the deserted flyover.
A real-life kidnap drama had taken place in broad day-light, amidst the busy road, just outside...

As cities, towns and countries worldwide plunged into darkness to bring awareness and meaningful action of changes, what is darkness to these people and many others?
Although the cause may differ, these people, and many others, hope rays of light may shine, sincerity and responsiblity will be held high.


Mr. Stupid said...

Well, this is all really sad. I wonder how the Police just let go of the case stating lack of evidence.
It was a bad day for all those people.

Have a nice day!:)

UstazCahaya said...

Salam Kak Hajah Ummie.

Memang ada orang ambil kesempatan masa earth hour tu terutama penjenayah. Semoga penjenayah itu mendapat pengajaran yang setimpal di dunia ini agar mereka cepat insaf dan bertaubat.

Ummie said...

Mr (not) Stupid,
It's sad to say even children here, are brave enough to take / steal what's not theirs & not in their housing compounds too.
You can well imagine grown-ups...

Aslmalkm Ustaz,
Earth Hour being remembered is one good deed,
but to let public places be in the dark, we are trading the peoples' safety and trust in us for danger, risk and lost of innocent lives.
Who's to blame for rise in crimes?

Tpg2Sg said...

Please read below on how this Dr Sabah's schoolmate became police that going to protect the rakyat:

Ummie said...

Thanks for the link - A heart-breaking site.

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