Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Sleep That Wasn't

There's a man, today, who had been hit by an east bound train at Tanah Merah Terminal.
He had apparently jumped onto the rail track in, perhaps, a suicide bid. 

Once, I was on way to my mother's house who was then staying in Bedok.
From afar, I could see a man was sleeping on a grass plot below my mother's block.
At that instant, I thought of waking him up as he's sleeping at the 'danger zone' - If anybody then, was to throw any killer-rubbish, he would be at least suffer injury.
He's properly-attired, in jeans, leather belt and I remembered well his camel shoes. I stopped short of waking him up when I went near him as my hands were full with stuff for my mother.

I hurried up to her second storey flat, passed her the goods meant for her, told her I'll be back soon.

As I stepped on the last step of the ground floor staircase, I saw a big crowd with policemen overlooking at the very spot where I saw the 'sleeping' Malay man.
Upon closer look, the man had been covered with body sheet.

Oh ... He's said to jump off the very block where my mother had stayed then.

So, I was probably the first person to witness him as a dead person. But he's not covered in blood, no visible fracture, just an ordinary man sleeping on an unusual place.  

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