Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Recapping The Unpleasant Moments

It was in June 1996 when we went to several of Wali Songo's graves but one I could remember well was atop Gunung Muria.

There's an army personnel guarding the donation box.
Not thinking of any adverse, we were about to push in the rupiah notes into the slot when swifly the army man swung out his loaded arm, placed it before the slot, for the money to be placed just on top of the box.

There's heapful of rupiah notes on the box - I was astonished seeing him sweeping the money with his loaded arm to his direction and into his trousers' pocket.
Local visitors did not bat their eyelids seeing such horrific incident but the army personnel's violation of trust trusted onto his sholuder really question my innerself of our sincere wish in seeing our neighbours a no pauper on their own land.
We were visiting a kiyai (or was it an ustaz, not very sure) of one of the local pondoks (or was it pesantren, not very sure too) in Central Java. His wife changed into several kebayas for photo sessions with us.

Whenever her outfits changed, so did her genuine gemstone accessories, to complement her outlook.

Did she 'transform' herself into a model out of respect for her visitors? To convince us that Indonesians too are loaded people themselves?
Anyway, from that day onwards, no more donation was ever forwarded from us.

Even as were heading to another 'kabupaten', we were being sent off by another pesantren's girl students with their fingers manicured and painted. When asked why they did as such, their reply was, "Enggak apa-apa, Bu."       

Cruel as it may be seen, even our frequent donation to one of the orphange in Batam was stopped too.

When money start to trinkle in, so does the number of family members.
Where once it was meant for the orphans and poor, it now covers not only the home's operator and his immediate family, but his step children and their families wanted their voices to be heard, too.

***From feedback, ordinary citizens in Tanjung Pinang and Batam felt the sincerity in the current government. They are feeling and seeing the positivity.
My sincere hope is, such personnel at Gunung Muria had returned monies not rightfully his and the likings of the religious leader's wife had been ticked off by the husband.


remgold said...

very the memeranjatkan your stories! i guess the underlying issue is: do NOT derma to people unless we know exactly how the money is going to be used.
boleh cerita sikit apa ada kat makam-makam wali songo ni? are they in one place or several places? semua kat jawa ke kat sumatra? maaf tak tahu sebab tak pernah orang bercerita.
ada gambar?

Mr. Stupid said...

He did that? Its shocking how cruel people can be. No wonder his wife always had different clothes to wear.

Have a nice day!:)

Ummie said...

These walis lived in the 15th & 16th centuries. Their graves scattered around Java island. For better info, look up
No photos taken at these places as it's sickening to see turning graves into hungry money-machines.

Did you happen to visit the Malim Kundang / SiTanggang site & Makam Siti Nurbaya in Padang?
Another place worth pondering.

Ummie said...

Mr (not) Stupid,
Invisible cruelty, that is.
Some boarding girls who stay on the 2nd floor of the family's house will eventually look up, upon her flashing lifestyle.

Anonymous said...

I love readding, and thanks for your artical...................................................

UstazCahaya said...

Kak Ummie. Kiai dalam Indon sebutannya 'Ki-ya-yi'. Ia bermaksud gelaran kepada Ustaz yang memiliki pesantren dan memimpin pesantren.

Kiai yang saya minati pada zaman semasa ini ialah Aa Gym seorang kiai, konglomerat, motivator dan penulis.

Dalam lagenda Wali Songo, saya minat Sunan Bonang kerana karya beliau iaitu lagu Tombo Ati yang masih popular hingga ke hari ini.

Cumanya, lagenda wali songo ini sudah banyak tokok tambahnya..

Ummie said...

Aslmalkm Ustaz,
Aa Gym has many followers in Indonesia & S'pore too, but since having a second wife, saham dia jatuh sikit kot, in S'pore I mean.
In Makkah, I used to fequent the place where he usually had his meals - there having nice bakso & tempe, but he ate by the roadside too, mingling with the Indonesians, supporting their businesses.
A nice man with a good heart - Aa Gym.

remgold said...

malim kundang and makam siti i was told about them, but didnt have time to go.