Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Taxi Story - His Yearning Heart Had Spoken

"Kakak sihat?" The taxi driver warm up to his passenger - me.

"Alhamdulillaah." I answered as I propered myself at the rear sit.

"Kakak selamat?" He continued.

"Alhamdulillaah selamat." A rare question asked - I answered anyway.

"Abang?" What's this? I asked myself.

"Selamat juga. Kenapa?" I had to ask him of his queer question.

"Kakak selamat, Abang selamat, Kassim selamat, saya tak selamat." What's exactly in the driver's mind?

"Kenapa doa macam gitu?" I was surprised with his statement.

"Betul Kak... Kakak selamat, Abang selamat, Kassim selamat tapi saya tak selamat." The taxi driver tried to convince me.

"Apa pun yang kita cakap, itu doa kita. Malaikat aminkan apa yang keluar dari mulut kita.Tak kisah cakap main-main ke cakap betul-betul. Malaikat tak tau gurau tu apa. Yang dia tau, dia bawak apa yang kita cakap pada Tuhan. Kita tunggulah bila cakap kita jadi betul. Itu orang cakap secara kebetulan." I needed to correct his choice of words that came out of his mouth.

"Kak, Kakak selamat, Abang selamat, Kassim selamat, saya juga selamat Kak..." He recorrected his statement.

"Alhamdulillaah semua selamat. Amin." I was relieved at last.

"Kak, saya sebenarnya engineer - kerja kat Australia. Kakak pernah dengar cari gali minyak kat tengah laut?" The man sobered with his words.

"Oil-rig engineer kat Australia kenapa taxi-driver kat Johor?" I was surprised with the 360 degrees transformation.

"Saya tinggalkan anak bini kat kampung. Suruh kawan tolong tengok diorang kat rumah. Tau-tau dia nak bini saya jadi orang-rumah dia." He started to open up.

"Lepas tu?" I was curious with his story.

"Lepas tu, saya lepaskan kerja. Saya kerja jauh sebab nak cari lebih untuk family. Sekarang family tak lengkap - cuma anak-anak saja."

"Kat Australia kan banyak perempuan cantik. Kawin satu aje orang sana - sayang kerja..." l tried to lift his spirit.

"Saya jarang jalan-jalan kat darat, selalu ingat bini. Saya sayang bini saya kak, dia baik. Sebab itu kawan saya pun sayang dia." The man started to falter with his words.

"Bini dah tak ada. Focus kerjalah." I lifted his spirit higher.

"Kak, Kakak cantik, Abang sayang. Anak-anak saya cantik Kak, saya sayang. Bini saya cantik, saya tak boleh sayang. Tapi saya tau saya tetap juga sayang. Anak-anak saya cantik kak. Saya sayang. Saya tak mau suruh orang jaga. Biar saya jaga sendiri. Saya tak nak diorang hilang macam bini saya hilang." His words start to pierce my heart. I was looking at him through the mirror - he's avoiding eye contact - He looked down occasionally...

"Berapa umur anak?"

"15 dengan 19. Diorang cantik Kak. Dah 8 tahun saya jaga sendiri kat kampung..." A loving father who talk affectionately of his daughters - A man with a very big loving heart who gave away his heart to his ex-wife only to be hijacked by his best friend.

He's suffocating...

He's yearning for the feeling not returned...

Finally I reached my destination before the taxi driver could finish his sentence.
As I paid my fare, he turned to me and I saw his watery red eyes.
I had to get out of his life-story fast.

"Keep the change." I hurried away from him...


mamasita said... tragic in a way..ada jugak lelaki yang pine for his wife who ran away with another man..

I saw an exjournalist who walked all over Taman Tun..his pun apparently sad story..he went cuckoo when his wife left him for another man.

I told hubby..luckily I did not go cuckoo when you played around with so many girls that day..but telling you about it is already a cuckoo thing to do! hehe
Life moves on..

Ummie said...

Datin dear,
There are still many faithful men out there - Only thing is, they aren't good in phrasing out their feelings.

But this driver, he's in a really sorry state.
That's the only time I happen to take his cab on my way across the causeway.