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The Maid - Unholy Acts In The Holiest Place (8)

Maid Abuser Alleges Indonesian Embassy Wanted SR1 million

MADINA: Umm Muhammad, the Saudi woman convicted and imprisoned for physically abusing her Indonesian housemaid in Madina, has claimed that the maid was suffering psychological problems when she arrived for work in the country. “Residents of the neighborhood where she lived in Indonesia called her crazy,” Umm Muhammad claimed.
“When she arrived I noticed her acting strangely.” Umm Muhammad claims the maid urinated involuntarily and that she had asked the recruitment office to take her back. However, the recruitment official said that he could not do so because the maid was still working. “We (the family) decided to have her treated. My daughters took her to several hospitals but they all refused to examine her because she was on a trial period and still had no residency permit.” Umm Muhammad claimed that the maid used to hurt herself, including making cuts to her legs and scalp, “without showing any sign of pain”.
“My daughter’s housemaid happened to be from the same town, and she told me that she was known there for her weird behavior, hurting herself and others, and that they called her crazy,” said Umm Muhammad.
Umm Muhammad alleged further that some woman called her on the phone and said she intended to accuse her (Umm Muhammad) on the Internet of torturing the housemaid. “I didn’t take the call seriously.”
She said she was shocked at the maid’s accusation that resulted in her being imprisoned. She also claimed that the Indonesian embassy wanted one million riyal in exchange for dropping the case.
“The lawyer and everybody at one court session saw her pulling out her nail without showing any pain, and I think that’s evidence that she tortured herself,” said Umm Muhammad.
Umm Muhammad’s daughter, a laboratory specialist, claimed that she used to clean the cuts the maid allegedly inflicted on herself. The maid “used to remove the bandages and deepened the wounds”, claimed the daughter. 
– Okaz/Saudi Gazette

Source: Saudi Gazette - March 18, 2011


Umm Muhammad claimed her maid had urinated involuntarily.

It reminded me of a maid whom I had blogged here, who was caught mixing her urine with the food she was cooking for her employers.
She believed this would make them love her.

The Saudi employer saw the maid adding urine to the food she cooked for the family and made an official report of the incidence.


Split Family Blamed On Maid’s Sorcery 
Maid Jailed For Five Years But May Be Free Under Royal Pardon

A Saudi family who suffered from a series of problems has accused its Indonesian housemaid of causing them by using witchcraft to punish them for bad treatment of her, a newspaper reported on Tuesday.
The maid had confessed to the police that she did cast a malicious spell on the family but later retracted her confession after colleagues warned her she could be executed for sorcery in the conservative Gulf Kingdom. Yet the court sentenced her to five years in prison.
Just a few weeks after she was jailed, police told her she would be released under a pardon of thousands of prisoners announced by King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia following his return from a treatment trip abroad.
“Police told her employers to finish procedures because they want to deport her but they refused, saying she must first break the magic spell she cast on the family,” the Arabic language daily Sabq said in a report from Riyadh.
“The mother believes the housemaid is responsible for all problems that have befallen the family, including her divorce from her husband, the divorce of her daughter from her husband and her elder son’s decision to leave the house on the grounds he no longer stands the family…she gave police some pieces of papers she had found at home written in Arabic and Indonesian showing the housemaid was behind those problems.”
The paper said the mother offered to finish procedures to deport her employee provided the maid dismantles the spell. But the maid told the police “breaking the magic spell requires that she should be in Indonesia not abroad.”
“The mother is still refusing to sign the maid’s papers so she can be deported while the maid insists she can not break the spell in Saudi Arabia.”

Source: Emirates 247 - March 15, 2011

Two days later, a Saudi man from the central town of Afeef was tidying up his house when he found talismans and other pieces of papers carrying strange writings concealed under a bed, Okaz newspaper reported.

He took the pieces of papers to the local office of the Islamic law enforcement authority in the Gulf Kingdom.
They told him that those are part of sorcery work.

The man told them he suspects that his housemaid left them to put his family under magic spell.
His son had fallen ill and his family had been in crisis since the maid left to her country.


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Ummie, wow! Really scary to read all that experiences. But sometimes there might be two sides to the stories.
I sure am glad I had very good maids before. Never had any problems.....they had though....bredom, ha ha.
I was hardly home, no TV.

Ummie said...

Good or bad is not about race.
It's what inside the heart.
Many told me, luck plays a crucial role - Employing a good maid & Being employed by good employer.
Have a nice day, Mr Lee.

admin said...

hello, I am Ningtyas from Indonesia.
I found this blog post while searching about Sumiati's case in Saudi court.
In another post in this blog it is said that Sumiati suffer from fractured pelvis, among other things. This condition leads to urinary incontinence, (my google search said), and I guess this what leads the employer to torture her even more. I do not believe in a bit such a horrific injuries was self-inflicted.