Friday, April 8, 2011

The Maid - Unholy Acts In The Holiest Place (9)

Kikim Komalasari's body is still in the mortuary of Saudi Arabia.
She was found in a dumpster in Abha, about 600 kilometers south of Jeddah, few days before Eidul Adha.

The death could not have come at a worse time for relations between Indonesia and Saudi Arabia. Indonesians were reeling hot against the Sumiati Salan Mustapa's torture incident.
Kikim's family is waiting anxiously to accord her proper burial in Indonesia.

The cases highlighted growing public awareness of the hardships faced by about 3.2 million Indonesian migrant workers, more than a third of whom work in the Middle East.

Kikim is from Cianjur, so is Halimah.
Both used to be housemaids in Saudi Arabia, and both died alone, away from hometown and family.

While Kikim's death sent enough waves for the Indonesians to start protecting their women, Halimah's death, under the Saudi Bridge last August 2010, seems did not move any eyelid...


Siti Rodiah, a female migrant worker from Sindangbarang, Cianjur.

The 23-year old left for Saudi Arabia through PJTKI PT Boksan Labarindo in Jakarta in mid 2009 to help with the family's economy.

Her mother, 48-year old Nenak was surprised to be informed by PT Boksan of her daughter's returning home but needs treatment.
The mother was confused.
She knew her daughter is about to finish her contract.

She was even more surprised when doctor in Polri Hospital in Jakarta said, the girl suffered from depression, and asked to see a psychiatrist.

She has no money, so she brought Siti Rodiah home but the daughter did not even recognise her own mother.


Two days later, on January 19, 2011, newspaper carried a report about 25-year old Yanti Binti Mimid from Pondok Lami in Songgom, Gekbrong district in Cianjur.

She had just started working for her employer's family, Faez Abdul Aziz Al Utaibi in Jummun, Makkatul Mukarramah.

Yanti could sense her employer's immoral behaviour towards her.
He always seize the opportunity to hold her hand, or to kiss her, while she did the house chores.
She resisted all his advances.

Fearing for the worst yet awaiting, Yanti locked herself for three days in the bathroom, then fled to Masjidil Haram.
In the Grand Mosque, she met several housemaids from Cianjur, facing the same fate as her.

In the Grand Mosque too, she was caught by her employer, a police officer stationed at the Grand Mosque.

He brought her home.
She was being roughly manhandled by him, kicked and slapped for four straight days.

Yanti, gathered her courage, asked her employer for a transfer to another household.
He agreed, but not to another household, instead, straight back to her homeland, Indonesia.

Yanti had her strength for only two weeks while in Saudi.

Back home, Yanti laid weak, her whole body aching, especially her hip, where she was continuously kicked for four straight days.


mamasita said...

Dah lama dengar the Arab employers memang cruel to their Indon maids..buat macam binatang..malu kita oghang Islam.

Are You Gonna Go My Way said...

Nabi Mohammed itu Arab, tapi Arab itu bukan nabi

Mekah is not the place more islam there.

Ummie said...

Arab represents Islam, but not all Muslims are Arab.
Islam is a way of life.
When Al-Qur'an & sunnah is not adhered,
Arabs & Muslims alike,
are seen worst off than beasts & morons.

Are You Gonna Go My Way said...


Arab does not represent Islam,
Islam stands by itself...
Ibarahim and Musa were jews..and they were Islam. Isa was Islam too..
Islam belongs to Allah...
Nobody has the right to call himself Islam until he knows (kenal) Allah.

Kdin said...

Are You Gonna Go My Way

Ibrahim and Musa were never jews ... they are Israellites.....Jews were never muslims...

Are You Gonna Go My Way said...


and who and where are the Israelite now?

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Ummie, really sad to read, know, hear of maids being ill treated by their employers.
These women leave their families, children, husbands to find work abroad, and some become slaves or worst.

Sometimes I cannot understand how one human being can treat another, be it man or woman in some despicable ways.
And one of the worst is to treating someone worst than an animal trying to earn a decent living.
You keep well, best regards.