Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Other World - Saka, As It Is Known Today (2)

I brought 'pulut kuning', turmeric yellow glutinous rice, with chicken 'rendang' to Mak Maznah*'s house yesterday.

She thanked Me profusely, kissing Me all over the face.
I had fulfilled My promise, much earlier than expected.
I had made the elderly woman happy once again.

I promised to have it prepared when I invited her over to My place end of this month.
But thinking back, there will be many more of others, so I brought it forward, much to her delight.

Luckily it was around 3pm when We reached her place yesterday.
She said since wanting 'pulut kuning', something will stuck on her throat after Maghrib, when night started to fall.
She was unable to take in any food.


Mak Maznah recited a very long prayer before the food, then took a small portion of it, made into a small ball, and popped it into her mouth.
After a few more, she was done with it.
She said, two beautiful maidens always appeared in front of her eyes...


When she dropped by My house last month, she told Me of her craving for 'pulut kuning'.
A grandmother who love My Children dearly, I can never say 'No' to her.
She had always prepared and cooked for My Family of what We like, especially when My Daughter was around.

After I agreed to prepare the food, she said maybe it was her 'saka' who needed it.
I was momentarily stunned with her admission, but I could not take back My words.

I had completely forgotten that I knew of her craving for 'pulut kuning' every few months, and usually I just brushed it off.
I did not usually entertain to her need.

As I had blogged "here" about 'saka'...
'saka' are jinns or genies.
They are GOD's creations from fire, living creatures like us.
They live in human body with or without the human's knowledge.
Sometimes their behaviour influence the human's daily chores.
Although some were family's inheritance, yet there are cases where the bad spirits chose to be with them, with or without their knowledge.

These bad spirits are some of evil jinns or genies, and some are from Lucifer's family or Lucifer itself.
That is why relationship in whatever form is not encouraged, if not forbidden, as...

But seeing Mak Maznah getting on with her age, I don't know when will be the last service of mine for her.
If I were to brush it off again, I fear of regretting it.
Afterall, she sees and treat My Children like her own grandkids.


In her own admission, and yes, I knew it too, she had tried to 'throw' the 'saka' away.
Then, when she asked for 'blangkon', a traditional Javanese headdress worn by men and made of batik fabric, I did not think much of it.
I just got it one for her when I went to Java.
When she told Me the blangkon's usage for 'buang saka', I did not fully understand it.

But as I am posting this, what she said...
To believe or not to believe...
One thing I knew, she is not lying...


When I knew Mak Maznah in the 90s, I saw the strength in her, absolutely not like women, nor ordinary men. Super, super strength she had.
But honestly, I did not admire, but afraid seeing her being too strong, and too brave to anybody and everybody.
No fear at all.

I was confused.
My Husband too.
When he saw with His own eyes of Mak Maznah carrying My Late Father's two big antique teakwood chairs, one on each left and right hand, He had the shock of His life.

Another time, when I told Him Mak Maznah had hacked down the big never-without-fruits 'jambu air' or wax apple tree with just a few hackings, He turned disbelieve.
Hard for Him to digest what was being seen, said and heard...


Mak Maznah used to work as a 'samsui' woman, whose work had contributed to Singapore's development. She made tarred roads in Singapore, and she mixed cement too, with her bare hands.

The 'red bandana' woman, the red head-cover woman she was, but no, she is not Chinese.
But not too sure either if her race is of Bugis, Javanese or Malay origin.

She mixed with a lot of Chinese, having stayed with them in Nee Soon and Kranji.
Sometime, she was the only Malay in the cramped rented housing.
Despite that, they looked after each other, helping each other out, thus forming tight bondings.

All her life, maybe the way too much energy she had, had been a life of hardship.
She was a bread-winner to not only her family, but others too, always putting others before herself, despite she was known to be afraid of no one.

She had minded others' children.
Many children.
Even today, whenever she saw one of the Singapore Member of Parliment on tv, she never fails to tell Me to send her regards to him.
(*Hey, voting coming soon. Really looking forward to it. My vote shall be...)

She saw him growing up, washed and ironed his school uniform.
She worked in his grandfather's household in T.K.

The grandfather, being a charitable man, his house was never without guests.
Especially during Rabi'ul Awwal, the birth and death day of The Prophet Muhammad s.a.w., guests from as far away as India, converged at his place...


I had blogged 'here', when Mak Maznah was staying in Pasir Panjang when she was small, she saw, and talked to a woman who had just died of childbirth few hours earlier.

Earlier on, even smaller, before she moved to Singapore, when she stayed in Perak (at Sungai Datok if I'm not wrong), she used to talk to 'orang bunian', who live like ordinary human beings. 

'Orang bunian', according to wikipedia, are supernatural beings in Malay legends, similar to elves.
But I believe, GOD created humans as the most supernatural beings.
(Read again My take on 'saka').

Mak Maznah used to see these 'orang bunian', who existed in large communities, doing their daily fishing, usually with their family members.
Unlike humans who use rods and nets, these 'orang bunian', Mak Maznah said, just scooped up the fishes with their bare hands.
These 'orang bunian', they walked on water.
She used to see them fishing, carrying with them pails to place their daily catch, and talked to them as they fished.
Her conversation puzzled her grandmother, whenever seeing her talking, questioning and replying to someone.

Not only that, she used to see, and chased away without fear, thirsty 'jerangkung', or skeletal frame of human beings, loitering and wondering around houses where water was placed beside the staircase, leading up to those houses.
Just these few for now...


Having shared all the above incidences, the 'saka' in Mak Maznah is not she wanted.
Already having it inside her, possibly, she wanted to remove it from her.
How bad the 'saka' is?

Usually, before I visit Baitullah, I would make possible a person's journey to places they wish or need to go.
So, in 2002 before Our 'Umrah Ramadhan', I asked her to perform her 'Umrah', which she did.

I had prepared for the worst.
I had live to see the "Tok "who could not say ALLAH which I had just posted.
I had seen too, of My ex-neighbour, who saw herself all skeleton for three years, which I had posted somewhere.
And I had seen incidence during My first time Haj which I had not shared with readers.

Really, I had prepared for the worst...

But when Mak Maznah was in Mecca, performing her 'Umrah', I dream of her presenting Us a very big bowl of noodle...
Upon her return, I made Our wish known, to send her for Haj.
But, as she is always putting others before herself, she wanted the money to help her another adopted son in his business, which We declined.
It was meant for her.

Yesterday, when I returned home, I was preparing for the worst.
Will the 'saka', she passed on to Me?
She, having no children of herself, only an adopted son who is now living with her...

Mak Maznah is not a bad person.
She always put others before herself.   


BaitiBadarudin said...

I think you should consult a religious person about this matter.
I've met Silat gurus and Bomohs who used this 'saka' issue to win loyalty from their disciples or swindle money from their clients.
Long ago, there was a relative who kept a skull under her bed and she was wasting away, so her daughter put all her 'barang-barang' and sailed them to sea. Only then, she breathed her last.
Well, I hope you'll seek protection from these spirits, no matter how benign.

Ummie said...

Thanks 4 the advice.
But this is not the first case I've seen. She had on several occasions rid these things away.
She turn to GOD, sure GOD will not turn away.
She is a "victim of circumstances". Pray for her, though...

BaitiBadarudin said...

Insya'Allah, I'll pray for her safety

Ummie said...