Thursday, April 28, 2011

Singaporeanism, At Its Best (2)

Another Commuter Caught Using Eye-Mask Tactic To Grab Priority Seat

STOMPer Ernest saw this woman wearing an eye mask sitting on a Priority Seat on the train. She is the latest commuter to be caught using the eye-mask tactic to hog reserved seats.

Other STOMPer have previously sent in photos of commuters pulling the same stunt.

STOMPer Ernest said:

"I saw this woman wearing an eye mask sitting on a Priority Seat."


You're Not Getting This Seat: Woman Opens Umbrella On MRT

How can you tell if someone does not want you sitting next to her on the MRT train? Perhaps an open umbrella is a strong enough hint.

STOMPer WPY wrote:

"This photo was taken during morning rush hour in a train cabin.

"This woman:

"1. Choped the RESERVED seat with her things
2. Opened an umbrella (is it raining in cabin?)
3. Wore a mask (so that people won't go near and ask to sit beside her?"


New Tactic For Commuters Who Take Reserved Seats? Mask AND Umbrella

We have seen commuters with open umbrellas, and also commuters wearing masks. But STOMPer Jane has seen this woman combining both tactics on her daily commute on the MRT during the morning rush hour.

There appears to be a recent trend of male and female commuters donning eye masks while seated on the reserved seats in the MRT.

It has been speculated that they are trying to avoid identification.

At the same time, two women were spotted on a bus and train, with an open umbrella that prevents others from taking the seat next to them.

STOMPer Jane has apparently witnessed such behaviour by this woman three times:

"I witnessed this on 3 occasions on my morning train ride to work.

"On the 2nd occasion, an SMRT staff member tried to 'wake' this commuter, but she refused to respond.

"I believe she boards the train at Punggol and gets off at Outram on the 7.15 train."

All Sources: Singapore Seen.

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