Friday, May 6, 2011

The Maid - Her Right? Of Having Male Friend

Maid Kisses And Hugs BF, Neglects Elderly Woman In Her Care
This domestic worker apparently brought a wheelchair-bound woman in her care to her date with her boyfriend. STOMPer Rina is furious that they started getting intimate, right in front of the elderly woman.

The STOMPer described:

"A maid was spotted 'romancing' a foreign worker behind Kembangan MRT station on May 2 at 6pm while a wheelchair-bound elderly helplessly looked on.

"The maid was so heartless and disrespectful that she couldn't care less about her elderly employer who kept looking away while the maid had a jolly time with her lover.

"Shortly, the maid turned the wheelchair around and left the pitiful employer guessing what was going on behind.

"Such behaviour is absolutely appalling and I really feel for the aged employer who was unwillingly made to sit through such torture, unable to react to it and voice out.

"I hope this is not your maid!"

Source: Singapore Seen. Stomp - May 2, 2011


An employer received an anonymous letter stating that her stay-in housemaid was having a few amorous affairs.
The letter exposed that the maid brought a Bangladeshi man home, or she had been frequenting hotel with him.

After thorough investigations, it turned out that the letter was in fact sent by her own good friend.
Her own best friend betrayed her, for her own goodness sake.

The letter reminded the said employer of the time, last year, when her maid requested for a time-off to accompany her this friend buying a birthday present at Serangoon for another friend.
Since the maid had finished her work, she was allowed three-hours to spend her time with this maid friend.

When pressed to speak the truth, the maid admitted that she had lied.

She had actually checked into a hotel with a Bangladeshi worker.
It was not her first time.
She also brought the Bangladeshi boyfriend into her employer's house when they were not at home.

The Bangladeshi worker was not her only boyfriend.
Everyday, she was allowed to bring her employer's toddler to the playground.
She used the opportunity to get to know men and offer herself as their girlfriend.

The maid believed, since she had told the truth, she will be returned a favour of her request to let her continue staying in Singapore.
One of her boyfriend who is rich, is willing to foot the levy payment for employing a domestic worker.

But the employer told the maid off. 
She was totally disgusted of her shameless behaviour, praying she will not be able to return to Singapore and bring more unhappiness to other families. 
She was returned to Indonesia. 

But checking with her maid friends here, she is not afraid of being repatriated home, as she can easily find many other employers here in Singapore. 

The employer met the employer of her maid's boyfriend. 
It was said, his employment was terminated, and he has since returned to Bangladesh. 


There are many employers who treat their maids with equal rights.

These maids, they get to go out when she is free and when she has no work to do. 

The fact that the maids are human being, some employers do not mind their maids found themselves boyfriends...


Maid Chats With BF On Phone For Hours After Boss Goes To Work
STOMPer Samaritan was shocked to see his neighbour's maid sitting under the block and chatting with her boyfriend for hours on a handphone after her employer had left for work.

The STOMPer warns employers to track their maids' activities while they are at work as they might be idling away. He says:

"These pictures were taken near the void deck of Block 23, Bishan St 22.

"One morning I went down to eat breakfast.

"It was about 8.30am and my neighbour had gone to work.

"To my surprise, I saw her maid sitting on a bench near the car park, chatting away on her mobile phone.

"When I returned from the coffee shop after an hour, she was still sitting on the bench and chatting non-stop to her boyfriend.

"Perhaps she was forbidden to use the home phone and therefore she had to use her own phone and talk to her friend outside the home.

"Some employers can be very harsh towards their maids and hence when the boss is away, the maid will go off frolicking.

"It may be more prudent for employers to install some CCTVs to track the activities of the maid when they go to work."

Source: Club. Stomp - April 26, 2010


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You seem to have collected a lot of happenings involving maids. Compile them and start writing a novel with those backgrounds.

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The truth is, I'm seeing more maids in everyday life than their employers.
Good or otherwise, partly, it's these maids that helps the family routinely run their lives.

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