Thursday, May 5, 2011

Towards Lesser Crime In JB (9)


Suspected Robber Dies In Car Chase

TANGKAK: A suspected robber was killed after his car skidded into a canal during a high-speed chase of his intended victim in Kampung Parit Keliling near Kesang here.
A man had just left his workplace near Bakri and was driving home when he spotted a Proton Waja trailing him at about 3.30am yesterday.
He sped away after he crossed the Muar River, but the Proton followed him into Kampung Parit Keliling in Kesang.
The man managed to lose the Proton after a sharp bend, but was shocked when his father told him later in the morning that there was a car in the canal.
He rushed to the spot and saw the car was the Proton Waja that had trailed him earlier, with the driver dead.
The man and his father then informed police about the car and the dead man in the canal.
Ledang police chief Supt. Harun Idris confirmed the incident, and said the police were investigating the case.

Source: The Star - Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Beware Of JB 'Syringe Robber': He Threatens To Jab You With 'AIDS-Tainted Blood'

A man approached STOMPer Tommi with a syringe and demanded money from him at a Johor Bahru petrol kiosk today (May 2).

The man claimed that he was infected with AIDS, and the syringe was filled with his blood.

STOMPer Tommi relates the harrowing incident:

"Drivers to JB beware! The old AIDS stunt is back.

"Last week my friend met an approximately 40-year-old small-built Chinese man at the Shell petrol kiosk beside the customs.

"He claimed that he had AIDS and held a syringe with some blood in it.

"He would demand that you handed over your cash.

"My friend handed over 100 plus ringgit to him.

"Today I personally met a man at the same petrol kiosk trying to pull the same stunt.

"He waited for me to get into my car and before I could close the door he approached me.

"He said the same things but before he could react I slammed my door against his head and gave him a kick. I then slammed my door shut.

"I sounded my horn to attract attention.

"He calmly stood up and walked off.

"I wanted to get down to alert other fellow Singaporeans there and the kiosk attendant but my wife saw him signalling to some people across the road.

"Worried for our own safety, we decided to drove off.

"Drivers please beware."

STOMP understands that there were similar robberies in the past that involved syringe-wielding men targeting Singaporeans visiting Johor Baru.

Source: Singapore Seen. Stomp - Tuesday, May 2, 2011


'Eggstra' Careful

Johor police chief DCP Datuk Mohd Mokhtar Mohd Shariff said end of last month, a chain of text message about eggs thrown at windscreens in Johor Bahru so motorists could be robbed when they stop is untrue.
This particular SMS has been circulating for several months and has resurfaced. 

Police officers had not received a single report lodged on such an incident.
They had not received any report of people falling victim to a text message that had been circulating in Johor Bahru.

The message, widely circulated through SMS and also by email, says:   

“Message from PDRM — 
cautioned motorists about robbers who divert their attention with an “egg attack”. 

It says:  

“If you are driving at night and are attacked with eggs, 
do not operate the wiper or spray any water. 
You can drive until you reach a safer place because eggs, 
when mixed with water, 
become milky and block your vision up to 92.5 per cent. 
Then you are forced to stop at the road side and become a victim of robbers.”

"This is a new technique used by robbers in Johor Baru. 
Please inform your friends and relatives.” 

Police said it was probably the work of a mischievous individual among the public.
The SMS was an irresponsible act who wanted to create confusion and fear.

However, people must always be careful and alert of their surroundings.
The people could check with the police if they came across such SMSes to ascertain the truth.


A Close Shave For A Librarian In Permas Jaya 
by Goh Siew Mei

Two robbers drove away in silver Honda City, which belongs to a high school library supervisor at Permas Jaya yesterday.
The incident took place around 6.25am at Jalan Permas 12/21, while Chai was reversing his car out his porch to pick up his neighbours son before sending him to school.
Chai, who works at the Foon Yew High school said he saw a car approaching very fast from the side as he was reversing his car. As soon he saw two person in the car wielding parang, he ran out of the car and asked his neighbour’s son to run inside the house.
“I was lucky as the robbers only managed to take the car and not hurting us,” said a shaken Chai.
According to him, he lost his briefcase, some documents, a cheque book and some of his student’s record books.
The car was later recovered at 10.00 am, when it was spotted by a parent, who is on the way to send his child to school. The car’s drivers side door and passengers door was slightly dented and the documents were intact.
Chai later lodged a police report at both Johor Jaya and Permas Jaya police station.

Source: Komuniti Kini - April 4, 2011


Two men, who are part of a gang involved in attempting to break-in into a factory at the Plentong Industrial Area factory, were detained during an operation in Plentong industrial area.

Johor police received information about the suspicious behaviour of 10 men in the area at 4.14am on Monday, April 11.
When the men saw the police, two of them who were in a car tried to reverse into the officers, who then, had to shoot at the tyres before arresting the two who were in the said getaway car.
One of the suspects had a previous conviction for dishonestly receiving stolen property in a gang robbery.

A third suspect fled in a Perodua Kancil with the registration number JGK 468. 
The fleeing car rammed into three police motorcycles before fleeing the scene.  

Eight others managed to escape into the darkness.

Police seized a Yamaha motorcycle and a Proton Waja belonging to the robbers, along with a paper cutter, a bunch of Allen keys, watches and screwdrivers. 

In another case on Saturday, police arrested a man, in his 40s, who was involved in stealing and dismantling of lorries at Bandar Seri Alam. 
He had seven previous police records, which included theft and drugs abuse.

Police seized a Suzuki lorry, a Honda motorcycle and a host of spare parts.

In yet another case on the same day, police arrested three men, one of them had three previous police records, aged between 20 and 47 at the Perling- Pasir Gudang Highway for possession of a fake pistol. 

They were in a Proton Waja, which the chassis number and engine of the Proton car was found to have been altered.

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